Walk 1 – Dean Castle Country Park from Assloss Road, Kilmarnock – 1 mile



This is a lovely short walk for people of all ages and abilities and there are loads of points of interest along the way to keep the kids amused including a play park, animal farm and a duck pond. 

buggy friendly image  Buggy-friendly walk

Print  Dog-friendly walk

Dean from Assloss

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download route to your mobile phone HERE (Viewranger app required)

parking available icon  Parking available at bottom of Assloss Road entering from Glasgow Road (B7038)

route imageRouteWalk up Assloss Road towards Glasgow Road and go through the gate on the left about halfway up. Follow the path along to a fork and go downhill which leads to the back of the Dean Castle. Cross the 2 bridges and follow the path along the river a short way to a set of stairs leading down to the riverside (a good spot for throwing stones in). Retrace your steps back towards the bridge and follow the path back to the carpark either alongside the river or going via the playpark, animal farm and duck pond. 


WALK REVIEW: 1st January 2016

Dean Castle Country Park  is in my opinion Kilmarnock’s biggest asset. I have many fond memories of the park from my childhood and it is still one of our favourite places to go for a family walk.

It’s New Year’s Day! Its freezing cold, but its dry! What better day to do my first walk of the year and of the challenge than today?!  We set off around lunchtime, picnic at the ready. Hats, gloves, scarves & my trusty ear muffs were required as well as wellies/winter boots.

Near the start of the walk we passed some saplings planted in place of trees which have been felled. The boys were intrigued by the big green tubes and so began a long conversation around the subject of tree felling, replanting etc. A few of them had tinsel around them, people had decorated them for Christmas.  From up here you get really nice views down onto the country park, the walled garden and the river. The river and waterfalls were both pretty impressive today due to lots of recent rainfall. River = cue request from Nathan to throw stones in. Request granted and now with completely soaking and muddy gloves we headed to the picnic bench to have lunch. Much to the amusement of the passers-by who probably thought we were crazy!

Thomas was complaining by now of sore feet. Actually, if I am honest he had been complaining about them since we left the car but I had been ignoring him assuming he was exaggerating…. By now though he was convincing me of his discomfort with lots of whimpering  – either his wellies were getting too small or his feet were really cold, I am still not sure which but one thing is for sure, he wont be wearing these ones again on a frosty day!

We decided to give the play park, duck pond and animal farm a miss today I ended up carrying Thomas all the way back to the car. My arms were aching by the time we got there, he is getting too heavy for that malarkey! Maybe next time I’ll listen to him… 😮

Happy New Year everyone!









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