Walk 21 – Alloway & Doonfoot Loop – 6.2 miles

buggy friendly image  Buggy friendly if avoid section with steps (see below for more info)

parking available icon  Parking available off A719 Dunure Road or at Co-Op

viewranger image  Click HEREto view or follow a map of the route

route image  Route: from the small parking area off A719 there is a cycle track leading all the way to Maybole Road where you turn left. Follow the road down a little until you come to a narrow track leading off to the left just before you cross Slaphouse Burn. The track runs alongside the burn right into Rozelle Park. Cross the park to pass Rozelle House on your left and out the main entrance gates to the B7024/Monument Road. Cross this road, turn right and look for the path on your left leading across Belleisle Golf Course. Turn left at the end of the path, passing through the walled garden and play park and then left again out onto Greenfield Avenue. Turn right here, cross Dunure Road and take the path behind the Spar shop along the River Doon to the bridge. Cross the river onto Castle Walk and continue onto Greenan Road, at the end of which you will see a track leading uphill. Follow this along enjoying the views and then after a long straight road turn right and you  will be back at A719. 


14th March 2016

This walk begins along the Maybole Rd to Doonfoot Cycle Track and takes in both Rozelle and Belleisle parks in Alloway, before returning via a beautiful hill track at Doonfoot. On a clear day you will be rewarded with stunning views across to Isle of Arran and Greenan Castle.

I was delighted when my mum called me this morning to ask if I was walking this afternoon and could she come along with me! It was to be another sunny day so of course the answers were yes and yes 🙂 I will be honest, the first part of the route along the cycle track got a little boring after a while – long and straight without much to see most of the time. Tunnels are the main feature, some nice bunches of daffodils and a view down into the gardens of Brig O’ Doon Hotel from one of the bridges.

If I were to take this track again I would come off in Alloway next to Brig O’ Doon and head into Rozelle from there. However thanks to my annoying curiosity to know where it ended and whether or not it got more interesting further along, we stayed on it MUCH further than that…. yawn! As it turns out it stays boring, and it ends at A79 Maybole Road!


From here we came across a lovely track along Slaphouse Burn into Rozelle.  We stopped here to have a bite to eat and let Thomas throw stones into the burn for a little while. This is the part with some steps but it was easy enough to bump the buggy up them. If you prefer not to do that there are alternative routes you can take into Rozelle via the housing estate.

We were a little short on time by now so we simply cut through Rozelle and across Belleisle Golf Course without stopping to enjoy Rozelle duck pond and Tea Room, or the large play park and walled garden in Belleisle. Those can be for another day!

We exited Belleisle onto A729 Dunure Road and crossed towards The Secret Garden tea room. From the car park behind it there is a path which leads along the River Doune to Greenan Shore where we crossed the bridge and headed back to our car via the beautiful hill path described in walk 18. I was excited to show my mum this section of the walk – I knew she would love the views across to Greenan Castle and Isle of Arran (to make up for the lack of view on the first part of the walk!) I absolutely love this track and feel that it is a place I will return to again and again now that I know about it.




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