Walk 26 – Mount House, Kilmarnock – 3.4 miles

parking available icon  Parking available on Fairyhill Road (KA1 1TA)

viewranger image Click HERE for a map of the route

route image  Route: Starts from the bottom of Fairyhill Road at the flood gates onto River Irvine. Before crossing the bridge you will see a track heading off along the river which you should follow until you come to a fork. Take the track on the right which goes past a Scottish Water building and onto a country road. Stay on this road all the way along to a small roundabout next to Dundonald Road and cross over the railway bridge taking the path leading to Mount House. Return to the track along River Irvine through Gargieston Estate.  Note that this route will be inaccessible after periods of heavy rainfall because the flood gates to the river path will be closed. 


24th March 2016

A late afternoon stroll around part of Kilmarnock taking in River Irvine, a strange collection of road signs, and the beautiful B-Listed Mount House. Ideal for the lighter nights after work now that the clocks have changed. But go with a friend and try to ignore the not-so-pretty parts of the walk…!


I enjoyed the walk but it’s not one of my favourites in terms of scenery mainly thanks to a few abandoned (and quite ugly!) buildings and some wasteland. For example the road passes site of the former Kilmarnock Abattoir (which is for sale I believe if you are looking for some land!). Even the section along the river isn’t particularly pretty: the trees lining it have plastic bags and rags hanging from them which I guess have been stuck there since the recent heavy rainfall. It got me to thinking again about litter picking – why doesn’t anyone do anything to clear it up now that the water levels have returned to normal? It is only about ankle-deep now so with the right equipment it wouldn’t be too difficult to have a clean up. Having said that, I would be keen to follow the track further along the river another day to see where it leads, but I would prefer to have someone else with me to feel a little safer. A shame that times have come to this but you can’t be too careful these days! It was quite an overcast afternoon, I can imagine this walk being a lot nicer on a bright sunny evening.

The nicest section of the river walk – check out all the debris stuck to the bridge which shows how high the water got during the recent storms!
A local person collecting road signs?!
The pillar of a former gate at the entrance to Mount House – I do love a bit of ivy!

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