Walk 28 – Three Parks Loop, Kilmarnock – 4.7 miles

buggy friendly image  Buggy Friendly

parking available icon Parking available at Council Headquarters, London Road (KA3 7BU)

viewranger image Click HERE to view or follow a map of our route

route image  Route: Walk left along London Road and cross over to Piersland Park (gifted to the townspeople of Kilmarnock by the Johnnie Walker company). Cross Culzean Crescent and go under the railway bridge and take the first left onto Mackenzie Drive. Turn right at Willowbank School, passing Kilmarnock Cemetery on your right and St Joseph’s Academy on your left. Turn left onto South Dean Road and then right down Dean Road, crossing the Kilmarnock Water on the newly opened Dean Bridge. Take the track immediately on the right after crossing the bridge and follow the Kilmarnock Water into the Dean Castle Country Park. The track goes slightly uphill to a bridge, where you will see a lovely waterfall. Cross the bridge then take the path immediately on the right, signposted ‘Large animals’. This part can be a little muddy.  At the end of this path you have the option to visit the Walled Garden (follow the sign). Otherwise cross the road and follow the track round behind the riding stables and onto Assloss Road. Here you join another river – this time Fenwick Water – which you follow all the way down to the Dean Castle itself. Stay on the main road looking out for some deer in the enclosure on your left! When you reach the car park turn left onto Dean Road heading back uphill onto South Dean Road. Turn right and then left onto Strawberrybank Road, cutting through Kay Park.  Turn left at the bottom of Kay Park Crescent and then right onto Melville Street. When you reach Holehouse Road turn left and you will soon see Piersland Park again. From here retrace your steps back to the car park on London Road. 


30th March 2016

After seeing some walks I had posted to my Facebook page, a family friend – Helen – got in touch suggesting I show her some new routes. Helen & some friends meet in Kilmarnock every Wednesday evening no matter the weather, and enjoy a walk and a blether! My mum and Helen have been friends for over 40 years so I was delighted when Helen contacted me because I had not seen her in a long time and was looking forward to catching up. We decided that I would join them this week and they would show me one of their usual routes and I’d return the favour another time. My mum came along too 🙂

We had a time limit of approx 1.5 hours for the walk and I was pleasantly surprised when I realised we had managed over 4.5 miles in that time! I am sure we could have added to that but I was responsible for a lot of the chatting going on (well, I was meeting some lovely new people afterall!) and we had a pit-stop worrying about some kids playing alone in the river at Dean Park… well until a ‘responsible adult’ turned up and proceeded to wade through the (pretty fast-flowing and deep) river herself to meet them. The things you see!

The walk takes in Piersland, Dean and Kay parks so would be a good one to take the kids along on, spending some time at the playparks and duck ponds. It is also suitable for buggies, being mainly pavement with some countryside paths through Dean Park (be prepared for a couple of hills though). We went down to have a look at the Walled Garden at the Dean – a first for me! There wasn’t much to see tonight but it looks like they are starting to re-build it after vandals set fire to the area. Look forward to returning in the summer!


Dean Castle Country Park
Woodland at Dean Castle Country Park
Dean Castle
Duck pond at Kay Park





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