Just a Girl Who Loves the Great Outdoors…


I was first introduced to walking as a young child when, from the age of 7, my parents took me into the Scottish hills at weekends. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, these exposures were developing in me a deep passion for the great outdoors.  We stopped going when I was in my teens and I went on to study at university, get a job, marry and have children. As you do! It was only in January 2016, aged 34, that I started venturing out again. I immediately fell back in love with everything the Scottish countryside has to offer and I set myself the #100walkchallenge – to complete 100 walks in 2016.  I decided to document these walks and track the routes to share with others. That’s when this website was born!

You will find walks of all levels and ranging from 1-10 miles. I take care to point out if the route is suitable for a buggy as this is one factor which is important to me if I am planning to take my 2 year old and want to walk at anything more than snail’s pace! Most of the walks are in the Ayrshire area with a few starting to appear further afield as I venture out on longer hill walks at weekends.

Enjoy reading about my adventures and I hope that they inspire you to try one or more of the walks yourself. I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch if you have followed any of my routes or if you’d like to suggest a new one for me!

Gillian x

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9 thoughts on “Just a Girl Who Loves the Great Outdoors…

  1. Had some good ideas from you Gillian. Especially now the dig friendly walks are noted as such. One I would recommend is Dollar Glen. It’s a lovely walk through woods with lots of waterfalls and at the midway point you end up high on a hill overlooking Castle Campbell and you can also continue higher up to Kings Seat I think it’s called. My pooches and I thought it was great anyway and I met a number of families there too with happy looking kids.


    1. Hi Shona, thanks so much for your message. Dollar Glen has been on my to-visit list for ages, I really want to take the kids there as I think they would love it! You have reminded me about it now, thank you :-)


  2. Hi Gillian, I’m so glad to have found your blog! I’m a fellow Scottish girl who loved getting outdoors in my youth, unfortunately lost the habit in my teens and early twenties, but has rediscovered how much I love getting out now that I’m introducing my own little guy to the world!
    I’m very fortunate to live in North Ayrshire at the edge of a tiny little town with lots of country space around me to go and explore (especially now during the Spring 2020 Covid-19 lockdown!) But will be looking for new trails to trek once we can go further afield again. I will definitely be back again and again for more inspiration!


    1. Hi Jill. I never did get back to you on here, only on Facebook! I hope you are keeping well and have been able to enjoy some local walks during lockdown? It sounds like you have been on a similar journey to myself, having spent a lot of time outdoors as a child and coming away from it during the teenage years, to come back to it now. What age is your little boy? Lots of options in north ayrshire! You might have found this by now but here is a link direct to all of the north ayrshire walks on my site: https://gillianswalks.com/category/ayrshire/north-ayrshire/
      Happy walking!


  3. Hi Gillian, I was browsing the Dundonald area where we ised to live and came across your post, We had the pleasure of exploring Old Auchans House before any fences went up. Such a beautiful building. I enjoyed your post and pictures. Such a lovely part of the country.

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    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your message. I walk there often and marvel at the house and what it must have looked like before. Lucky you seeing it without the metal barriers!


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