Supporter Wall of Fame

Huge thanks to everyone who has pledged their support to Gillian’s Walks via Patreon or by making a donation via PayPal! All support received is reinvested into Gillian’s Walks to enhance the website and continue offering new and updated walking route information. 


Mark Kerr

Rosemarie Speedie

Andrew Bone

Christopher Elliott

Jean Martin

John Jamieson

Shiona Kerr

Cat Anfield

Helen Melone

Catriona Schmolke

Julia Henderson


Kiran Naidu

Linda Aitken

Richard Mccracken

Robbie Hamilton

Colette Chiesa

Nancy Mair

Sally Ann Morgan

Elisa Campanaro

Linda Mccall

Morag Balls

Claire Ronald

Clive Drummond

Brian McMeikan

Laura McKenna

Esther Lunardi

Catherine Hamilton

Cathy Be

Emer Macken

Angela McKinna

Penny Innes

Scott Thomson

Helen Graham