Fundamentals of Nordic Walking Technique


Never tried Nordic walking before but keen to give it a go? 

Learned in the past but feel you could do with a refresher? 

Nordic Walking is a low-impact exercise that enhances the benefits of traditional walking by incorporating specially designed poles. It engages the entire body, improving balance, strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness. Gillian is a WALX Comunity Nordic Walking Instructor and offers fundamentals sessions for complete beginners, as well as weekly group Nordic walks in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Fundamentals of Nordic Walking Technique

"Took part in the Nordic Walking session today and it was brilliant. Poles included, we started with a nice warm up and were shown different techniques from beginners up to level 2 and 3. We were a nice mixed group of all ages and took it at our own pace. We also played a groups game and it didnt feel like 2 hours...passed by so quickly. Then we finished with a nice relaxing cool down using the poles. Gillian was very patient, explained everyting perfectly and helped each of us. Would highly recommend it to everyone" Gillian Perry

Aimed at complete beginners, this ‘back to basics’ fun 2hr session will teach you how to use Nordic walking poles for propulsion and a full body workout. The intensity of the session will be adapted to individual needs / abilities. All equipment provided. Completion certificate provided to each attendee. 

When? Sessions normally take place monthly 

Where?  Kay Park, Kilmarnock.

Price? Sessions are £22.50 per person. 

Private Sessions

Step into a new realm of team bonding with our Fundamentals of Nordic Walking Technique session! Unleash the power of connection in the great outdoors as your organisation, community project, or social group embarks on an adventure like no other. Engage in laughter, build camaraderie, and elevate teamwork through the joy of Nordic Walking. Our session combines fitness, fun, and fresh air, ensuring a unique experience that transcends the ordinary. Break free from the routine – embrace the extraordinary! Book your team-building adventure now.

  • £225 per session for up to 10 participants
  • Multi-session discount of 10% available if booking 2 or more sessions (ie for 20+ participants)

What qualifications and experience does Gillian's Walks have?


Health Walk Leader


Lowland Walk Leader


Community Nordic Walking Instructor

Outdoor First Aid (16hrs)

Scottish Walking Awards

Nominee 2021

Scottish Walking Awards

Nominee 2023

PFA volunteer award

Community Path Volunteer of the Year 2019


Official Walking Ambasssdor, Ayrshire & Arran Destination Alliance