Guided Walk Series: Ayrshire Coastal Path

Enjoy a hassle-free experience walking some or all of the Ayrshire Coastal Path with experienced and knowledgeable guides.

The Ayrshire Coastal Path is a stunning long-distance walking route in South West Scotland. Designated as one of Scotland’s Great Trails and part of the International Appalachian Trail, the 106 mile route travels the length of the Ayrshire coastline from Glenapp to Skelmorlie. It offers the perfect combination of rugged rocky shoreline, cliff-top paths, sandy beaches and esplanades.

  • Approx 100 miles coastal route split into 12 sections of 6-10 miles each
  • Book to walk the whole route over the 2023/2024 season or book into individual sections of your choosing – there is one each month starting April 2023, ending March 2024
  • No need to worry about planning or navigation
  • Benefit from insider knowledge of the Ayrshire Coastal Path volunteers
  • Learn about our coastal wildlife, flora & fauna
  • See Schedule for walk dates and difficulty ratings
  • Questions? Check out the FAQ.

Schedule | Distance | Difficulty Rating


**20% of proceeds from this event will be donated to the Ayrshire Coastal Path to help towards maintenance costs**

Individual Section tickets £25 + Eventbrite booking fee

There may be multi-section discounts available – check ticket types.

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What does the ticket price include?

Planning & navigation is all taken care of for you. Whole Route tickets include all 12 sections of the trail and a copy of the Official Ayrshire Coastal Path Guide Book. Individual Section tickets are for 1 specific section. You can book as many individual sections as you want (subject to availability).

Will you provide information about transport options since the walks are linear?

Yes. We will be providing full details to attendees about exactly what their options are for travelling, tailored to each section. This is both in terms of parking and public transport. The majority of people (including the guides) we suspect will be using public transport either to reach the start point (and have their car waiting at the end) or to get back to the start point if that is where they have parked. Some might choose to car share if they know each other or feel comfortable sharing with others who they meet during the walk series, and leaving a car at both ends. Some might not drive at all and will rely on public transport for their entire journey. The beauty of the Ayrshire Coastal Path is that each section starts/ends somewhere accessible by public transport so we intend to take full advantage of that.  We will be also tailoring the walk start times to take into account those travelling by bus/train. Please note that transport costs are not included in the price of the walk ticket, however our research tells us buses travelling between sections are only £2-£3 per person. 

How fit do I need to be to come on these walks?

Distance, difficulty ratings & route info are described above: some sections are more challenging than others due to the terrain. We will be walking at a gentle pace so as long as you can manage the advertised distance we’d love to have you along. If in any doubt please just contact us for more details.

Can I bring my dog?

These group walks are unsuitable for dogs due to larger group numbers and the possibility of livestock on many of the walks.

Can I bring my child/children?

Due to the distance covered and terrain involved we have rated this walk series as suited to age 16+

How do I book to walk the whole route?

There is a specific ticket type set up for this – “Whole Route”, available up to the date of the first walk in the series (16th April 2023). Choose that ticket type then proceed to enter your registration and payment details. You will automatically be booked in to all 12 walks.

How do I book one/several individual sections?

Tickets are available for individual sections. You can choose as many sections as you wish and register/pay for them all in one transaction.

How do I find out the walk start time and meeting point?

Start times are listed in the Schedule section above. Precise meeting place will be communicated to those who have bookings approx 1 week prior to the date of each walk.

Why are you donating some of the proceeds to the Ayrshire Coastal Path?

The Ayrshire Coastal Path is managed and maintained by volunteers and they rely on donations and grant funding to keep the Path in good condition. This donation is our way of giving back after a fantastic experience walking the trail.

Do you sell Ayrshire Coastal Path Guide Books?

Everyone purchasing a Whole Route ticket will automatically receive a free copy of the Official Guide Book on their first walk. We will also have additional copies for sale at the start of each walk at the discounted price of £10. We are unable to accept card payments so please bring cash with you.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Outdoor activities can be hazardous. Gillian’s Walks is responsible for the overall safety of the group while out on a guided walk, so in order to manage the risk, you are requested make the Guide aware should you feel unhappy or feel the activity is beyond your ability.  By agreeing to participate on one of our private guided walks, you agree to accept these risks and will be responsible for your own actions.

Payment for the walk is required in full at the time of booking. If you decide to cancel for any reason the following will apply:

  • Whole Route tickets are non refundable once booked. No partial refunds will be given if you are unable to attend one or more of the walks. These tickets give you 12 walks for the price of 10 (9 for early bird) – designed as a bulk booking discount and offering some leeway should you miss any of them.
  • For bookings of individual sections if you cancel within 14 to 8 (inclusive) days of the walk you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel within 7 days of the walk your payment is non-refundable. In all cases, Eventbrite fees are non refundable.

Walks go ahead in most weather conditions so it is important that the group comes prepared for any forecast wind, rain etc (see section “What should I bring with me on the walk?”) In the event that severe weather is forecast which might put the safety of the group at risk, Gillian’s Walks reserves the right to postpone the walk or offer an alternative, safer route option. Gillian’s Walks is unlikely to cancel a walk completely, however if that happens we will notify you as soon as possible to arrange a full refund.

What should I bring with me on the walk?

You will need comfortable walking boots or trail shoes with good grips, and a light day pack to carry some spare clothing (the Scottish weather can be very changeable), drinking water and snacks/packed lunch if the walk takes place over lunchtime.

Depending on the weather forecast the following items of spare clothing should ideally be carried: a waterproof jacket and trousers (if you have them), hat, gloves, a warm layer of clothing, sunglasses, spare socks.

Optional extras: walking poles (great for balance on uneven ground and/or taking strain off your knees), a camera, sunscreen, midge repellent. Spare sunscreen and midge repellent will be carried by the Walk Guide.

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