Walk 13 – Watermeetings, Kilmaurs – 7 miles

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The Watermeetings bridges – where the Glazert Burn flows into the Annick Water. Such a peaceful and pretty spot.

An easy walk along quiet country roads behind Kilmaurs. You will pass the Annick Water, walk alongside the Glazert Burn, and cross the local beauty spot known as the Watermeetings: the point at which the two water courses meet. There are several lovely cottages (and mansions!) to admire, including those around the Chapeltoun Estate area. The route crosses the East Ayrshire / North Ayrshire boundary 4 times! 

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  Car park just off Fenwick Road, Kilmaurs (behind the Weston Tavern KA3 2RQ). Kilmaurs train station is 0.3 miles away and there are bus stops on Main Street, close to the walk start point.

route image  Route: From the car park return to Fenwick Road and turn left.  Turn right onto Main Street and continue along until reaching a road called Standalane on the left. Walk along Standalane for 1.7 miles to reach the B769 which you should cross over to continue straight ahead. After another mile (and passing through Chapeltoun), you will reach a T-junction where you turn left onto Kilwinning Road. Look out for a left turn 0.6 miles along this road (can easily be mistaken for a road leading to some farm houses – see photo below). This quiet single-track road follows the course of Glazert Burn until it flows into the Annick Water at the Watermeetings Bridges. It then emerges at the B769 – continue straight ahead. On arrival at High Langmuir Farm turn right to reach Irvine Road. Turn left onto Irvine Road and continue for around 0.5 miles to arrive at Main Street, Kilmaurs. Turn left and first right back to Fenwick Road and the parking area. 


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WALK REPORT: 20th February 2016

I dragged my good friend Lynsey W with me for this one, and I will be forever grateful as it’s not just anyone who would agree to such an adventure on a miserable pouring wet February morning. At least we gave her hubby something to laugh about as we set off fully waterproofed up and me with my big rucksack looking like I was heading for a day in the mountains rather than a stroll around Kilmaurs. Not to mention the drowned rat look we returned with a couple of hours later! We both enjoyed it though, combining a good old catch up with some fresh air and exercise.

I had planned the route out in advance on my mobile mapping app and had planned to use the follow function to find our way as I wasn’t familiar with the area. Halfway along I couldn’t understand why the map wasn’t showing our location or the route we had taken so far. It had been bothering me for the whole walk. Finally I realised the location services on my phone were switched off aaargh! Rookie error! But better to make it here than on a Munro somewhere I guess. Another lesson learned.

I next returned to this route in November 2020, which crazily is almost 5 years later!!!! There is no particular reason why….. but what I did notice is that in my original walk report I failed to mention loads of points of interest along this route which I now know about thanks to my affiliation with the Kilmaurs Walking Festival. There is Chapeltoun House for one (and in fact the whole Chapeltoun Estate) which the route passes through, and the Watermeetings Bridges for another. 

Kilmaurs Watermeetings 3
This is the left turn which can easily be mistaken for a road leading to some farm cottages
Looking back along the road we had just taken, reaching the fancy houses and quaint cottages of historic Chapeltoun.

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