Walk 37 – Craufurdland Countryside Walk (Field Path) – 4.3 miles

A walk for the more adventurous! Quiet country roads quickly lead into the woodland of Craufurdland Estate. You will pass the fishing loch and the Laird’s Table cafe/restaurant, as well as cross a ford (using the footbridge!) The return leg of the walk is via a public right of way across farmland. Expect a fair amount of mud in the woods most times of the year as well as 5 stiles to cross as you move along the field boundaries. 

Craufurdland Countryside Walk

viewranger-logo-new Click HERE to download a map of the route to your mobile phone

parking available icon  Parking available off Glasgow Road next to Tesco store (KA3 1UT)

route image  Route: Turn left onto Glasgow Road and follow it along until you see a right turn signposted “Borland“. At the bottom of the hill take the “Private Road” directly in front and follow it over A77, keeping left at the fork where you see the next “Private Road” sign. This takes you into Craufurdland woods. At the end of a long tree-lined (and muddy) track turn right and you will come out onto a minor road next to the beautiful Barncroft House. Turn left to walk along the main road in the Estate, past the fishery, and out onto a minor road where you turn right. Follow this down a short way to a cottage and immediately after crossing a bridge look for a ‘Footpath’ sign on your right. This leads you through some woodland and then over a series of stiles which allow you to cross farmland. There is no visible path here, just stick to the perimeter fences. The final stile takes you out onto a minor road. Turn right here and after a short distance you will be at Bringan Ford. Cross the ford and follow the road along under A77. Turn right at the fork to stay on Meikle Road and you will find yourself back at the first “Private Road” sign you passed near the start of the walk. From here retrace your steps back to the car park.

There is another option for this walk which misses out the field crossing and instead follows the Grassyards Road to Bringan Ford. It is slightly longer but easier. Click HERE for details.

Craufurdland woods – if the main path is too muddy I recommend heading into the trees on the right where it is usually far drier!
Craufurdland Castle seen from the fields across the river.

WALK REPORT: 17th April 2016

I wanted to go a quick walk this morning before a kiddies birthday party late afternoon and I was super happy when Nathan asked to come with me! I chose to check out this walk into Craufurdland Estate for a few reasons: I’d never been out that way before, I was taking a walking group there in a few days and wanted to be sure of the route, it’s muddiness and so on, and I knew it was close enough to home and short enough that Nathan would manage it.

He couldn’t come along without his beloved meerkat teddy of course! Meerkat started off being carried as normal but when it started to drizzle he could be found inside Nathan’s jacket with only his little head peeking out the top of the zip. Later, Nathan felt that maybe meerkat was cold and so he took his woolly hat off and snuggled him up inside his “sleeping bag”, again with it’s head peeking. He cuddled him close to his body with one arm whilst holding my hand with the other. He made sure to hold meerkat up and show him the view out over the A77 when we crossed the bridge, and we had to take turns helping him over the various stiles we came to. It was so sweet watching him “look after” his teddy in the same way that I was looking after him.


The drawback to having a 4 year old with you is lack of speed: we averaged 1.5 mph on this walk and so it took almost 4 hours to walk 4.5 miles…. but who’s counting??! We both enjoyed ourselves and that’s the main thing. We also made it home in time for the party = bonus!

A highlight for Nathan was seeing a ford for the first time! We were very fortunate to also witness a car driving through it, which helped answer many of the questions he was putting forward…“Do cars sometimes drown when they try to cross the Ford?… Why can cars not drown?…” Other questions asked today included “Why do Christmas trees die when you chop them down?… Why do dandelions close when you pick them?…  Why is it dark in the forest?…….” and lots more!

Looking back across Bringan Ford

Overall I really enjoyed the walk and will definitely return to Craufurdland another day to explore the area more.

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10 thoughts on “Walk 37 – Craufurdland Countryside Walk (Field Path) – 4.3 miles

  1. Just completed walk 37 with my wife this morning we are a couple in our 60s we try to do one good walk a week and after reading your reports thought we would give it a go thanks for all the information we had from you had a most enjoyable Sunday morning now for next test.
    Thanks again.
    Robert Brown


    1. Hi Robert, lovely to hear from you and that you enjoyed this walk! As I read over what I wrote about this route 4 years ago I am noticing how much has changed in that time. The cafe is no longer a tiny cabin for the fishermen, and is now the massive and modern Laird’s Table Cafe/Restaurant. And my son is now 8 years old and I don’t think he has walked 4.5 miles since that day haha. I have got into the habit of leaving the kids at home to avoid moaning. But reading over this again has brought back some lovely memories and has inspired me to do this walk again soon and take the kids with me. So thank you – your comment took me on a trip down memory lane and has helped me plan a future family outing 🙂 Do stay in touch about other walks you try.


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