Weekly Nordic Walks

Turn your walk into a workout! 

Nordic Walking is a low-impact exercise that enhances the benefits of traditional walking by incorporating specially designed poles. It engages the entire body, improving balance, strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness. Gillian is a WALX Comunity Nordic Walking Instructor and offers fundamentals sessions for complete beginners, as well as weekly group Nordic walks in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

"What a great morning that was.. Certainly starting to feel a few aching muscles but thoroughly enjoyed it." Lorna Weir

These regular sessions are aimed at anyone who is already familiar with the basic Nordic walking technique and wants to get out regularly with a group for a bit of a workout and walk with like-minded people! They are social, fun sessions consisting of a warm up, a walk of a few miles, and a stretch off. Poles can be provided or bring your own.

Your Instructor will have planned out the route in advance, building in space to do some interval walking in the advanced gears and also some hills. Everything can be adapted to different fitness levels and experience so don’t worry about not being fit enough – that’s kind of the point! The Instructor will also be able to give you some coaching on your technique to help you get more out of the workout, if that’s something you feel you’d benefit from.

When? 10.30am-12pm most Fridays (usually 3 times a month)

Where? Kilmarnock’s popular Dean Castle Country Park

Price? £9.25 per walk

Weekly Nordic walks are not suitable for complete beginners – please come along to one of our Fundamentals of Nordic Walking Technique sessions first.

What qualifications and experience does Gillian's Walks have?


Health Walk Leader


Lowland Walk Leader


Community Nordic Walking Instructor

Outdoor First Aid (16hrs)

Scottish Walking Awards

Nominee 2021

Scottish Walking Awards

Nominee 2023

PFA volunteer award

Community Path Volunteer of the Year 2019


Official Walking Ambasssdor, Ayrshire & Arran Destination Alliance