Walk 150 – East Lomond & Maspie Den – 4.5 miles

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One of my all-time favourite walks! First of all it's a hill. Add to that the route being a loop and the return leg being down a stunningly beautiful glen complete with waterfall you actually walk behind... and you have nothing short of perfection! This is before we even talk about the quaint village of Falkland or the deep dark tunnel option. Read on to find out more!

  Car park at Centre for Stewardship, Falkland (KY15 7AF). There are bus stops on A912 from where you can pick up the route starting from Falkland Parish Church*, 0.2 miles along the road.

East Lomond & Maspie Den

WALK REPORT: 4th August 2017

I kept hearing tales about the Lomond Hills and have to admit that I ignorantly assumed they were somewhere around Loch Lomond. When I did a bit of digging and realised that they in fact belong to Fife they immediately moved higher up my must-visit list. Not that I have a problem with Loch Lomond, but I am regularly in Fife! Then a friend posted a photo on social media of herself standing on a path which ran behind a waterfall and the name ‘Maspie Den’ became etched in my mind. Fast forward a couple of months and I realised that the Lomond Hills and Maspie Den are in the same area….. and the rest is history!

Although this walk was only 4.5 miles it took us the whole afternoon at a leisurely pace. It is not a walk to be rushed! First of all the quaint little village of Falkland provided numerous photo opportunities; then the ascent of East Lomond (448m / 1469ft) proved to be pretty steep and slippery and despite having chosen a rainy day for our first hill walk together, we stopped frequently to take photos; and finally the quirky and stunningly beautiful Mapsie Den captured our attention for longer than we had anticipated with it’s waterfalls, the tunnel (which we were both too chicken to walk through!) and the opportunity for a ‘Dirty Dancing’ moment….

I was disappointed when it started to rain heavily because I was desperate for my friend to fall in love with hill-walking and the rain was masking the potential views which makes it all so worthwhile! This was about the best shot I could manage when the clouds lifted slightly. Imagine it on a clear day!

Maspie Den…. 😀

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