Your Guide to Walks Across Scotland

Gillian has been exploring the country since 2016 and is passionate about inspiring you to discover what’s out there and arming you with the skills and knowledge to enjoy our great outdoors with confidence. That’s why she has created a resource jam packed FULL of information to help you choose your next walking route. And if you prefer to walk with a group you’ll LOVE Gillian’s guided walks in Ayrshire. Born and raised in the region, considered an ambassador for walking here, and with over 7 years experience leading groups, you’ll be in safe hands. 

Walking Route Info

Maps, directions, reviews and photos for over 200 walking routes, with a special focus on Ayrshire in south west Scotland.

Looking for a route which is dog friendly, buggy friendly or great for families? You’ll find everything from short, easy strolls to more strenuous long-distance hikes – something for everyone.

Guided Walks

Discover new walking routes in and around Ayrshire in the south west of Scotland with our experienced,  knowledgeable and friendly guides. 

Forget the hassle of navigating or the worry of getting lost. Learn about the history of the region and the flora and fauna. Meet new people, see new places.

Skills Training

We offer a range of skills sessions, delivered in the great outdoors, to enhance your walking adventures: 

Fancy learning to Nordic walk? We’ve got you! Or how about using mobile mapping apps to give you confidence to try some new routes? We’re on it!

Walk of the Month
Loudoun Hill - Walk 34

At just 361m elevation, the volcanic plug of Loudoun Hill near Darvel, East Ayrshire is where Robert the Bruce had his first major military victory. It is reputed that in 1307 he led an army against the English in a battle which took place beneath the hill. Despite being small, it’s steep slopes certainly pack a punch and on a clear day the views from the top make it a must-do in the area. A favourite with children and adults alike!









Regional Highlight - East Renfrewshire

In summer 2023 Gillian’s Walks was approached by East Renfrewshire Council to help produce a series of 6 short film clips for social media promoting some of the region’s best walking routes. Below is an overview of why I love walking there, with the 5 individual route films available to view on the council’s YouTube channel