Walk 40 – Dunsmuir Park & Knockentiber Loop -4.5 miles

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Most of this walk is on quiet country roads behind Dunsmuir Park housing estate in Kilmarnock, connecting onto the #73 National Cycle Route for the return. On a clear day you will be rewarded with a view across to the Isle of Arran.

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  Roadside parking available on residential streets just off John Walker Drive, Kilmarnock (KA3 1NE). Local bus service stops on Western Rd or Hill Street, a short walk from the start point. Kilmarnock bus and train stations are approx 1 mile away.

route image  Route: Start by walking north along John Walker Drive, turning left onto A735 at the very end. You will quickly come to a minor road on your left which takes you out into open countryside. Follow this road for the most part of the walk, ignoring any tracks off to the left or right.  At one point it will turn left and cross the Carmel Water, leading you into Knockentiber. Turn right onto Kilmaurs Road and look out for a signed cycle route on your right as you walk along (NCR 73). Return to Kilmarnock following the cycle route all the way to Munro Avenue where you turn left then left again to re-join John Walker Drive

Dunsmuir Park & Knockentiber

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WALK REPORT: 22 April 2016

Its Friday night at 6:30pm, and a sign of how life has changed is that instead of getting showered and dressed to go out clubbing, I am pulling on my hiking trousers and trainers and heading to meet my friend Lynsey J for a walk!

You live in a town all your life and tend to visit the same places all the time. One of the things I am enjoying about my 100 walk challenge is exploring new parts of Kilmarnock I never knew existed. Tonight was an example of that! As it is right behind where they live, Lynsey and her husband walk, run and cycle these roads regularly but it was a first for me. I did my usual trick of spotting roads going off in other directions, giving me ideas for future walks such as one out to Kilmaurs which Lynsey will hopefully join me on soon!

What I probably enjoyed most about this walk was the good old chat we had! We meet up regularly but both being mothers of 2 kids, our catch ups are normally spent chasing pre-schoolers around a play park or softplay rather than actually chatting so it was nice to have nothing else to do but walk and talk. Other mums (and dads) will perhaps sympathise  with the scenario of meeting a friend with the kids, spending a couple of hours with them and coming home realising that you hardly finished any of the conversations you were having and therefore don’t actually know how they are or what they have been up to! Happens to me all the time. Tonight was different though and I really enjoyed it 🙂

Open countryside view from this walk – what it shows really well is the huge expanse of grey cloud floating around above our heads, while the surrounding areas were seemingly basking in the last of the evening sunshine!
Sunset behind Arran

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