Walk 41 – Armsheugh Woods, Hurlford – 5 miles

A peaceful walk along River Irvine then through Armsheugh Woods where you meet with the Volga Burn, and then returning to Hurlford along quiet country roads. Look out for the former Crookedholm School building and plenty of lovely properties along the way, including the one featured above. 

River Irvine & Armsheugh, Hurlford

viewranger image  Click HERE to view or follow a map of the route

parking available icon  Parking available just off Main Road, Crookedholm (KA3 6JT)

route image  Route: Begin from the bridge over the River Irvine on Main Road. Look for a blue signpost “Grougar Walk” on the left and follow this track along the river until you reach Milton Road. Turn right here and right at the next junction. Look out for a track on your left with a way marker “Armsheugh” and follow this through the woodland, up above Volga Burn. The path crosses the burn and continues along it’s other bank until crossing it again just before reaching a minor road. Turn left on this road and left again at the fork. This will lead you back down to Milton Road. Turn right onto it this time and follow it along past where you emerged from the river walk earlier, until you reach Grougar Road on your left. This road takes you through a housing estate and out onto Main Road where you started. 



WALK REPORT: 23rd April 2016

The river walk from Hurlford was recommended to me by a family friend, Helen, and so I have been looking forward to trying it out. My mum was just back from a week’s holiday and this was the perfect walk to go on together to hear all her stories! It is easy walking all the way apart from one tricky section when crossing Volga Burn (it isn’t a big burn but there is no bridge so you have to find a way across using the rocks and stones).


Mum and I both enjoy a nosey at nice homes and we weren’t disappointed on this walk with lots of farm cottages and larger properties to admire along the way. I’d definitely consider living somewhere similar to this – close enough to civilization to find a shop quickly but far enough away to enjoy peace and tranquility! There was one property we passed which was hidden behind tall hedges but through them I could just make out a lovely patio area which would overlook the countryside. I could imagine myself chilling there with a book and a glass of wine! One has to dream….. 🙂 We also passed the old school building to the back of Crookedholm, which is beautiful but in quite a state of disrepair.

Former Crookedholm School

I would like to return to the start of this walk another day to complete the “Grougar Walk” mentioned above, which I believe runs from Hurlford to Galston beginning with the same river walk as this one but then continuing on to pass some old minor cottages, Burnbank Loch & Loudoun Kirk. There are so many walks to do in the Irvine Valley it’s hard to choose the next one!

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