Walk 42 – Burn Anne, Galston – 5.3 miles

A well-known local walk, following Burn Anne through woodland before heading out into more open space and uphill through a new tree plantation, returning via quiet country roads. On a clear day you will be rewarded with views down into the villages below and across to Isle of Arran and Ben Lomond. 

Print  Dog-friendly walk (some short sections along single-track country roads)

Burn Anne, Galston

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile phone HERE  (Viewranger app required)

parking available icon Parking available across from Barr Castle, Barr Street, Galston

route image  Route: Head away from Barr Castle towards Cemetery Road, turning left to pass Galston cemetery and the Grants Foods offices. Turn right at B7037 and you will see a wooden gate and sign on your left “Burnhouse Brae Wood”. Follow the track through the woodland then when you reach a minor road turn right to cross the burn and go thorough the gate on your left into the next section of woodland. At a fork in the path keep right and you will be led down to a wooden footbridge. Cross this, turn right and continue on until you come to another minor road. Turn right and after a short distance you will see an obvious wooden sign directing you through a kissing gate. The next section of the walk takes you onto more difficult walking terrain with narrow paths and some hilly parts.  You will reach a fork in the path with carved wooden signs at either side. Take the path to the left which goes steadily uphill onto more open countryside – make sure you stop to take in the stunning panoramic views!  On reaching a minor road at the top of the hill, turn right and follow it down the hillside, keeping right at a fork. Near the bottom of the hill look out for a sign on the left directing you back into the woodland. This path meets back up with wooden footbridge you used to cross the burn earlier. This time you don’t have to cross, just continue straight until you come out onto a road. Here instead of crossing over into the woods again, turn right on the road then left and first left again onto Clockston Road.  This meets up with B7037 where you crossed it earlier and from here retrace your steps back to the car park. 

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WALK REPORT: 24th April 2016

A morning spent with my mum and sis! It had been a while since the 3 of us bonded over a hike! Actually, some of this walk reminded me of our hillwalking days, particularly the uphill section where we sat on tree trunks to have our picnic lunch. I heard all my mum’s holiday stories for a second time as she told them to my sister and then we generally set the world to rights!

For me the most prominent thing about this walk was how run down the latter section was. It makes no sense to me: clearly a lot of work has gone into regenerating the area with new tree saplings being carefully planted, wooden way markers being carved to indicate places of interest along the route, and picnic benches being placed in very tranquil areas. HOWEVER much as we would have liked to eat our picnic at one of them, they were not safe to sit at…. some of the saplings had been blown over or snapped by strong winds and their plastic surrounds left to litter the landscape, and one of the signs is so weathered that you can’t even read what is written on it. The whole place just seemed like a bit of a once-loved-now-forgotten wilderness. All that said, it made things interesting! And the views made up for it!


Whitelee Windfarm in the distance
The tip of Ben Lomond can be seen on a clear day!

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