Walk 48 – Cap Ferrat Coastline Circuit, French Riviera – 4 miles

In 2012 the Cap Ferrat peninsula was named as the second most expensive residential location in the world after Monaco!! This walk takes you around it’s beautiful coastal path, with stunning views out into the Mediterranean. You will pass countless sets of stone steps on your way round, tempting you down towards the turquoise waters of the peninsula’s many hidden coves and bays. 

Cap Ferrat, France

viewranger image  Click HERE to view or follow a map of the route

parking available icon Parking available on Chemin de Passable (chargeable) just north of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

route image Route: From the car park follow Chemin de Passable downhill and onto Plage de Passable.  Walk past the little restaurants on the beach and follow the track out onto Chemin du Lido for a short distance before taking the set of steps on your right down onto the coastal path. From here follow this well-trodden footpath around the peninsula until it eventually leads you out through a residential area onto Avenue Claude Vignon. Continue straight on into the main hub of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Turn left on Montée du Cap then right onto Traverse de la Ferme de May. Continue straight onto Boulevard de la Libération, keep left on Avenue Denis Semeria, looking out for a footpath on your left which heads down some steps towards the botanical gardens but then cuts across to Chemin de Passable. From here the car park can be reached by turning left towards Plage de Passable then retracing your steps from there. 

The crystal clear turquoise water of the Med are so tempting in the heat of the midday sun! We saw people sunbathing in the numerous sheltered bays around the peninsula, it looked idyllic!


WALK REPORT: 6th May 2016

This was a walk suggested by Stephen – my husband’s step dad – whilst we were visiting them in Nice. There were 6 of us in total: 4 adults and my 2 kids. Stephen & I had read the guide book and route description before setting off and it looked as though we could get away with taking the buggy for my youngest who had just turned 3. From what we could tell, the second half of the walk from the lighthouse onwards would be a flat, even surface and the first half more uneven ground but still ok to push the buggy along. It turned out that we were wrong about the first half! There are many sets of stairs and the ground is so uneven in places that it is almost impossible to push a buggy on it, especially when the weight of a pre-schooler is added to the equation…. This resulted in the buggy being folded back up and us taking turns dragging it along, with Thomas going between walking and riding on someone’s shoulders. Once past the lighthouse on the tip on the peninsula however, having the buggy was ideal and definitely helped us pick up the pace.

I found the wild, eastern side of Cap Ferrat (from the lighthouse to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat) to be less interesting than it’s western neighbour: it was mostly flat with much less vegetation, and not as picturesque as what we had experienced on the first half of the walk. Having said that, this is the side from which we got a glimpse of the peninsula’s famous mansions, and because it is more open to the elements there was a very welcome cool wind blowing. I definitely preferred the western side with it’s flora and fauna, tranquil rocky coves and quirky stair cases!

Some photos from the western side:

Looking across the bay to Villefranche-sur-Mer



Approaching the lighthouse:


The eastern side

This very well build footpath takes you past the peninsula’s main hotel and some of the millionaire mansions on the hillside
Towards the end of the walk a painted rock has been transformed into a fish, making  it  an interesting and memorable feature!

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