Walk 106 – Rex Park & Garvock loop, Dunfermline – 3 miles

This circuit starts at the edge of Dunfermline’s Public Park before following Lyne Burn through Rex Park and into the residential area of Garvock. The entire loop is on tarmac surfaces with a few steps in Rex Park. 

Print  Dog-friendly walk (public park & pavements)

Rex Park

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile phone HERE  (Viewranger app required)

parking-available-icon  Car park at bottom of Viewfield Terrace, on the left (KY12 7HZ)

route-image  Route: From the parking area turn left to walk past a (very old!) kids play area and go through the underpass into the Public Park. Ahead of you will be the bandstand – turn right to head downhill and then go left at the fork. At the end of the path turn right and cross the railway bridge. Follow the road downhill past the Royal Mail office and turn right along Woodmill Terrace. Turn left onto Upper Millhill Street. Continuing straight ahead, the same road becomes Millhill Street then Malcolm Street and leads you into Rex Park. Cross Lyne Burn and take the track on your left when you reach the children’s play area. Turn left to cross the burn once again. Follow the path along ignoring another bridge on your right to then cross the burn a third time shortly after. Continue on this footpath, crossing Blacklaw Road and picking up the path again at the other side. Keep left at the fork then turn right at the crossroads. Continue along this path until it eventually bends to the left, passes a play area then emerges onto Woodmill Road. Cross the road then turn left towards the roundabout. Turn right onto Garvock Bank and just before Woodmill Place cross over and follow the path uphill to cross the railway tracks via a footbridge. Turn left on Scotland Drive and first left onto St John’s Drive. Follow this residential street all the way onto A907/Appin Crescent and turn left. Turn left down Park Place and when you reach a gap in the wall turn right into the Public Park. Continue straight ahead along ‘Middle Walk‘ then turn left towards the bandstand. After the bandstand turn right to go through the underpass towards the car park which will be on your right. 

The bandstand in Dunfermline Public Park, still used today at outdoor festivals


WALK REVIEW: 13th January 2017

I was keen to explore some of the green areas of Dunfermline today while a friend and I were out walking an excitable one year old pup. The remains of yesterday’s snow lay iced up on the ground and made things interesting a few times (more so for my friend who had the lead!) I remarked on how hilly Dunfermline is: the public park and the residential area of Garvock  are both ‘built’ on steep slopes. The plus side of that being the views: all the way to the bridges across the Firth of Forth on a clear day like today.

It quickly became obvious to me how little I actually know about dogs…. There was so much I had never considered before! When is it ok to extend the lead? How does one get safely down a set of iced up stairs whilst doggy wants to go faster than you? What do you do when the lead is extended and doggy makes a bee-line for another pup or a burn, crossing past your friend and tangling her in the lead whilst still running? How far are you allowed to walk a dog of this age? Aren’t they supposed to lift their leg to pee??  As for poo…. don’t even go there! I was relieved that my friend was taking charge of these things! And in case  you are wondering…. yes the incident with the tangling of the lead did actually happen and yes I was the one being tangled! In truth it was a near miss, my friend having the common sense to drop the lead and throw it to the side so that it didn’t smack me on the head on it’s way past!


The first section of the walk is through the Public Park with it’s tree-lined walkways and open grassy areas.


I was intrigued by the name Rex Park…. was it something to do with dinosaurs? Or had I been spending too much time with my 3 year old son?! On doing a little research back home I learned that it is believed to be short for ‘recreation’, which admittedly makes far more sense… I found it to be a strange area, as though it was a work-in-progress. The park entrance off Malcolm Street looked a little like a construction site, and there seemed to be too many bridges for such a small burn. Signage around the park indicated that tree planting would take place in the near future:  I would definitely agree that the addition of plants, flowers and trees would improve the park’s appearance significantly. I look forward to coming back in the months to come to see what developments have taken place.



Crossing over the railway bridge took us into Garvock, a quiet residential area located next to the Public Park.


Looking back along the “Middle Walk” in the Public Park



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