Walk 116 – Calais Muir Wood, Dunfermline – 1.5 miles

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This is a short walk around a scenic woodland area of Dunfermline called Calais Muir. A popular place with local dog walkers, the gravel track is also perfect for a stroll with the pram. Easily accessible from the neighbouring residential areas of the town if you wish to extend the length of the walk, or park right beside it – your choice! 

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  Car parking next to the Aldi store/Duloch Library at Nightingale Pl, Dunfermline (KY11 8LW). Bus stops on Greenshank Drive, a couple of minutes walk from the start point.

route-image  Route: From the parking area use the gap in the hedge to pass through onto a footpath which runs along the edge of an outdoor sports area. Turn right, you will see the woods straight ahead. At the information board turn left into the woods and take the right fork. Follow the path through the trees, turning left at the end. This track takes you all the way around the edge of the woods: Keep turning left at the end of each track to walk around the woods in an anti-clockwise direction. You will emerge from the trees in front of the outdoor sports area. Keep left at a fork to continue past them and back to the parking area. 

Calais Muir Wood, Dunfermline

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WALK REVIEW: 3rd March 2017

Although this walk is only 1.5 miles in length, my friend and I actually walked in from the Garvock area meaning that we clocked up 4.3 miles in total. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from these woods. On the map it appeared small and inconsequential and even on our approach to it through the open grassy area known as Duloch Park, I didn’t really have high expectations for it if I am honest. I am not sure exactly why; perhaps because it is surrounded by the M90 to one side and a retail park to the other….

However, we were both very pleasantly surprised by what we found! It was such a pretty little area and the network of paths which criss-cross their way through it were very well built meaning that there was no mud to negotiate. We were able to hear the traffic from the busy motorway, however it didn’t really detract from the tranquility of the woods themselves. Bodhi, the ‘daft pup’ we were walking, had an absolute ball running around free from the constraints of his lead.

We both agreed that it is definitely a place we would happily return to another day!


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  1. I wish I had found your walks before now Gillian as they are terriffic. I support an autism boy who loves to walk for miles and I’ve run out of ideas where to take him, these are wonderful I am going to start this weekend with him. Thankyou very much for sharing these. Keep these coming please. This duloch one to me never seemed interesting either, just shows it is. Well done

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