Walk 169 – Fenwick and the Snowdrop Walk – 4 miles

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Starting at Craufurdland Fishery, this route follows a recently created off-road path to Fenwick before using a series of country roads to reach the village's main street. Roadside pavements lead you back out of Fenwick and into Craufurdland Woods via a suspension bridge. The final section through the woods can be particularly muddy so you may wish to do the walk in reverse to get it out the way first! 

  Car parking at The Laird’s Table, Craufurdland Estate (KA3 6BS). Please note that parking is for customers only – the cafe has a takeaway area round the side which is ideal for picking up a coffee and cake or a hot soup after your walk. If travelling via public transport I suggest starting the walk in Fenwick.

Fenwick Snowdrop Walk


It had only been a week since I had last been at Craufurdland Fishery to do the woodland trail, and it was then I had first come across the new way-marker. The pure joy and excitement on my face was not shared by my friend who was probably wondering what all the fuss was about! Kilmarnock was a winter wonderland that day, which as I am sure you’ll agree transforms the most drab into a place of beauty. These woods already being a place of beauty, had been transformed into Narnia. And there was a new way marker! Not just any way marker, a sparkly fresh one with a snowdrop on it. I had to come back and check it out!

What we ended up doing was this enjoyable 4 mile loop, one I would do again and am considering modifying slightly to make it suitable for my Monday Health Walk (if the suspension bridge passes the risk assessment criteria :-/ ) What I liked about it was the mixture of terrain – country roads, gravel tracks, roadside pavement, village streets, muddy woodland – a little bit of something for everyone. I wasn’t so keen on the section along the B751 which can be busy with traffic at certain times of the day, but if you time it right it wouldn’t be too much of an issue and is worth putting up with for the tranquility of the rest of the route. There are also a couple of options within Fenwick for shortening the walk should you wish, as well as places to stop in the village for a cuppa or lunch if your boots aren’t too muddy. Soon the new cafe/restaurant The Laird’s Table will be opening at Craufurdland Fishery which provides an additional venue to try.

“The snowdrop walk” was a teeny bit disappointing since there wasn’t a single snowdrop in sight. Giving it the benefit of the doubt we decided that we were perhaps just a tad early in the year (although we had seen them elsewhere!) I suspect that the creation of the new footpath has probably disturbed any snowdrop bulbs which are normally there and perhaps in future years it will be more impressive. I could certainly imagine the potential of how beautiful it might be walking along the trail with snowdrops lining it followed closely by daffodils, crocuses and bluebells as the seasons progress.

The new way marker as it was the day I first spotted it
The snowdrop walk between Craufurdland and Fenwick
The route takes you through the charming Ayrshire village of Fenwick

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