Walk 186 – Plodda Falls, Scottish Highlands – 0.8 miles

Simply jaw-dropping! Experience how a bambling burn – Allt na Bodachan – is peacefully flowing through the forest one minute and then without warning is suddenly hurtled 46m vertically down a rock face. Possibly the most impressive falls I have ever seen!

  Dog friendly walk 

Download a route map to your smartphone HERE

Plodda Falls car park (signposted from the village of Tomich)

Route: (Follow the white way markers in an anti-clockwise direction). From the information boards head down the main footpath. Ignore the way markers pointing left to the falls, instead continuing ahead through a gate. At first the way markers will show both white and green lines but look out for a left turn to continue along the white route. Here the path narrows and there is a steep decline to reach a viewpoint at the base of Plodda Falls. Head up a set of steps to reach the fantastic viewing platform suspended above the falls. Continue along the path next to the burn to complete the loop.


Forestry trail to Plodda Falls (white route) in all its autumnal glory: narrow footpaths complete with tree roots, boulders, twists, turns, ups and downs.
After less than half a mile we arrived at the base of the falls – wow!
Plodda Falls plunging 46m down a vertical rock face. From here we could feel the spray on our faces and sense the power of the water as it crashed into the pool at the bottom. Looking up, we could also see the suspended viewing platform where we were now headed!
Behind the viewing platform was this burn – Allt na Bodachan. Swollen-looking and definitely full of energy but in comparison to the falls we had just experienced, it appeared to be sleepily making its way downstream. BUT in this photo where you see the burn apparently stopping in mid air, it suddenly plunges 150ft down a rock face!! What a shock the water must get (and any creatures in it!)
This photo gives a bit of a sense of how abruptly the burn becomes a waterfall. It is taken from the end of the viewing platform which is suspended out high above the deep gorge into which Plodda Falls…. falls. You really have to be there to experience it fully though, I found it to be truly breathtaking.

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