Walk 215 – Aros Park Waterfalls & Lochan Trail, Isle of Mull – 1.9 miles

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This route combines the Waterfalls Trail and Lochan Trail within Aros Park. You will pass both the Upper and Lower Falls on Aros Burn then walk around the east side of peaceful Lochan Gharrabain. The Waterfalls Trail involves uneven and sometimes boggy woodland trails and has some steep hills and steps. The path around the lochan is flat and wider/gravel. Good way-marking throughout Aros Park.

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Alainn View Parking, just off the A848

Route map


Aros Park – what a peaceful spot!

It was our third (and final) walk of the day, having already tackled Tobermory Lighthouse Circular and Calgary Bay & the Art in Nature Trail. Three shorter walks to pack in as much of the island as we could.

We are suckers for a waterfall so the fact that this route promised two of them, and it being on our way home from Tobermory made it a no-brainer. Starting the walk at the Alainn View car park meant that we approached the falls from upstream: We heard them before we saw them! I’m sure the route would be equally as impressive parking down by the loch and heading upstream so that you are walking towards the waterfalls – maybe even a better idea (?) because then you wouldn’t have to keep turning around to take photos of them like we did. Plus you’d get all the uphill section done at the start! It is also possible to walk along the coast from Tobermory to the lower falls if you’re looking for a longer walk.

The Upper Falls in Aros Park
The Upper Falls
The Lower Falls in Aros Park
The Lower Falls

The Alainn View lookout tower was closed when we were there. The sign on it explained that this was due to it being an unsafe structure. The official page for Aros Park on the Forestry and Land Scotland website suggests that it is closed permanently. A shame! Because the information board at the car park had promised “great views of the plunging Aros River Waterfall and Tobermory Bay.”

In fact when we did this route we came across quite a few closure notices and warnings. It gave a strange feel to the place! First the lookout tower, then a digger and two workmen on the path in from Tobermory (complete with orange barriers and triangular warning signs), then at the pier there was a huge and quite permanent-looking information board warning of “dangerous structures buildings pier & slipway” and finally a notice near the lower car park that the toilets and children’s play area were currently closed. Thank goodness we hadn’t come for any of that!

On the whole we found the paths around Aros Park to be well signposted and of good quality. In fact, the road through the middle was quite frankly the smoothest road I had seen in a long time; ironic considering some of the roads we had driven on this week on Mull! We had a good laugh, suggesting that it could quite possibly be the best road surface on the entire island!

Smooth single track road through Aros Park
Smooth as a baby’s bottom….

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