Walk 18 – Hill Track, Doonfoot – 3.3 miles

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A beautiful walk along a hill track to Doonfoot, with stunning views over to Greenan Castle and Isle of Arran on a clear day!

buggy friendly image  Buggy friendly walk

  Car park at east end of Castle Walk, Doonfoot (KA7 4HH). Local bus services stop on Greenan Road, a short walk from the start point. Ayr Train Station is 2 miles away.

Hill Track, Doonfoot

WALK REPORT: 7th March 2016

It is Monday afternoon, the sun is splitting the skies, and I am excited to see what lies beyond this path I have driven past so many times on the way to and from Dunure!! I was not disappointed: a beautiful walk along a hill track from Doonfoot, with some of the most stunning views over to Arran I have ever seen! I will most definitely be back to do this walk again and again!

I have stood on the bridge between Ayr and Doonfoot a few times and have always been puzzled by the padlocks secured along it every so often (featured image). During a future walk here with my ever-knowledgeable mother I learned that they are attached by people to mark a special occasion like a wedding anniversary. Sure enough if you have a look at the larger ones you will find names and love hearts scribed onto them – how lovely!

I must return to Greenan Road car park one day and take a walk along the shore to the castle! Thomas asked me countless times today to take him but there was no access from the path and I didn’t fancy pushing the buggy along the sand. Actually for all I know it might be rocks and not sand, I have never been before! Soon to be corrected 🙂

River Doon
What a view for little (and grown up) eyes! Snow-capped Arran to the left and Greenan Castle to the right.

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