Walk 18 – Hill Track, Doonfoot – 3.3 miles

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A beautiful walk along a hill track to Doonfoot, with stunning views over to Greenan Castle and Isle of Arran on a clear day!

buggy friendly image  Buggy friendly walk

  Car park at east end of Castle Walk, Doonfoot (KA7 4HH). Local bus services stop on Greenan Road, a short walk from the start point. Ayr Train Station is 2 miles away.

route image  Route: From the car park head back onto Castle Walk and turn right. Follow NCN7 signage along Greenan Road and then onto a track leading uphill. From here you will be rewarded (on a clear day) with spectacular views across to Isle of Arran and Greenan Castle! At some small cottages the track bends left and eventually emerges onto Dunure Road. Cross carefully and continue along the Burton Cycle Track at the other side. After approx 0.3 miles turn left into a residential area onto Coranbae Place. At the end of the street turn right onto Corserine Road then left onto Newark Crescent. Take the first street on the right which is Cairnsmore Drive then turn left along Longhill Avenue to the Dunure Road roundabout. Continue straight ahead onto Earls Way. At the next roundabout turn right onto Abbots Way. At the end of the street turn left then keep right at a fork to walk along Scaur O’ Doon Road. You will emerge next to the River Doon, with the car park ahead on the left. 

Hill Track, Doonfoot

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WALK REPORT: 7th March 2016

It is Monday afternoon, the sun is splitting the skies, and I am excited to see what lies beyond this path I have driven past so many times on the way to and from Dunure!! I was not disappointed: a beautiful walk along a hill track from Doonfoot, with some of the most stunning views over to Arran I have ever seen! I will most definitely be back to do this walk again and again!

I have stood on the bridge between Ayr and Doonfoot a few times and have always been puzzled by the padlocks secured along it every so often (featured image). During a future walk here with my ever-knowledgeable mother I learned that they are attached by people to mark a special occasion like a wedding anniversary. Sure enough if you have a look at the larger ones you will find names and love hearts scribed onto them – how lovely!

I must return to Greenan Road car park one day and take a walk along the shore to the castle! Thomas asked me countless times today to take him but there was no access from the path and I didn’t fancy pushing the buggy along the sand. Actually for all I know it might be rocks and not sand, I have never been before! Soon to be corrected 🙂

River Doon
What a view for little (and grown up) eyes! Snow-capped Arran to the left and Greenan Castle to the right.

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