Walk 30 – Greenan Castle – 1 mile

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From the car park, Greenan Castle is only a short half mile walk along the sandy beach. Following the steep path uphill to the castle walls, you can expect stunning coastal views as far as the eye can see. Check tide times however, as a high tide could render it impossible to reach the ascent path without some tricky scrambling. A beautiful part of Ayrshire!

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  Car park at east end of Castle Walk, Doonfoot (KA7 4HH). Local bus services stop on Greenan Road, a short walk from the start point. Ayr Train Station is 2 miles away.

Greenan Castle

WALK REVIEW: 5th April 2016

A beautiful beach with a variety of features including white sand, colourful stones, a host of different seashells and flat rocky areas. Not to mention the impressive ruin of Greenan Castle which itself is perched precariously atop some rugged black rocks! There is so much to keep the kids entertained here that I managed to easily pass 2 hours with my little man, even though the walk itself was only 1 mile.

He spent the time playing in the sand, slashing in pools of water, looking at tiny crabs and black sand worms and scrambling over rocky areas to get closer to ‘the sea’. We climbed up to the castle (amazing views!!) and I answered a huge number of questions about why we couldn’t go inside the castle, why there was no door, why some of the crabs were squished, why the worms live in the sand, why, why, why… So curious and yet so young 🙂

A beautiful part of Ayrshire and it just made me want to walk the entire Ayrshire Coastal Path immediately! You could easily extend this walk by starting at Ayr and walking all the way along the esplanade to Doonfoot, crossing the bridge and continuing along to the castle, or alternatively starting where I did but continuing further along the coast towards Dunure.

Taking in the view from the castle!
Playing on the beach at low tide
Approaching Greenan Castle from the south

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