Walk 27 – Fullarton Fairy Trail, Troon – 0.6 miles

Fullarton Woods near Troon is home to some fairies and you are invited to come along and discover the tiny world they live in! There is also a play park, picnic benches and toilet facilities onsite. Take your wellies, it can be muddy! 

buggy friendly image  Buggy-friendly walk (can be muddy)

parking available icon  Parking available onsite – follow signs for Marr Rugby Club (KA10 7ER)


WALK REPORT: 25th March 2016

It’s Good Friday! Happy Easter to one and all 🙂 This means nursery is on holiday and I have my 2 little cherubs all to myself the whole day! Where to go?? I had heard so much about the Fairy Trail at Fullarton Woods from friends but for some reason it had become a “one day” place. I hadn’t ever properly looked into where it was – turns out it’s in Troon, which is pretty much on my doorstep.

No need for a map or detailed route description because is has been perfectly marked out for you by the fairies 🙂 Follow the little silver arrows on the trees, looking out for some bright yellow starts dotted around with words of wisdom written on them. And of course the houses of all the fairies and elves who have chosen to make Fullarton Woods their home!


I was delighted to learn where the Tooth Fairy lives after having been quizzed about it by my eldest son only days prior and being unable to convincingly answer. I mean, who ever wondered where she lives and where she takes all the teeth anyway?! I did not have an answer prepared and was caught off-guard. The best I could come up with was something along the same lines as where the BFG stores all his dreams…. Anyway, now we know and can go visit her little home in the woods whenever we wish!

This is only a short walk -less than a mile – So it is perfect for getting the wellies out and letting the kids loose. I saw plenty of people pushing buggies along the trail though if your kids are too young to walk. Next to the car park there are some picnic benches and a play park as well as a grassy area ideal for kicking a football around. There are some toilets at the start of the Fairy Trail but I didn’t find them particularly clean unfortunately.




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