Walk 53 – Laigh Milton Viaduct, Kilmarnock – 4 miles

A pleasant linear walk (2 miles each way) through open countryside and farmland between Gatehead and Dreghorn. Admire Laigh Milton Viaduct – the oldest surviving railway viaduct in Scotland – and if you are lucky you may even meet the friendly highland coo! Please note that at time of writing there was one gate on the route which had to be climbed over.

Isn’t she a cutie!

Laigh Milton Viaduct

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile  phone HERE (Viewranger app required)

parking available icon  Car parking available at Laigh Milton Viaduct viewpoint, Gatehead (turn right off A751 immediately after Cochrane Inn KA2 0AP)

route image  Route: From the parking area, take some time to enjoy the view across to Laigh Milton Viaduct and then turn left onto the minor road, passing The Craig Centre (part of Kilmarnock College). The road crosses the Carmel Water and just beyond you turn left. At the fork turn right to continue following the Carmel Water (it should be on your left as you walk along the track). This leads you along to Newhouse Farm, beyond which there is a wide grassy track between two hedgerows, with a gate in the middle (you may need to climb over it). You will come to Holm’s Bridge where the track again splits. Keep right and continue along a pleasant woodland track and out onto B730. Turn right and walk along B730 until you reach Holmsford Bridge over the River Irvine, just outside Dreghorn. Return via the same route. 

View of River Irvine as seen at the end of the walk from Holmsford Bridge

WALK REVIEW: 12th May 2016

I kept seeing road signs around Kilmarnock for Laigh Milton Viaduct and was intrigued to find out what it looked like. I took a drive there with the kids one afternoon and had a quick look, vowing to come back and do a walk around here one day to try and get closer to it. Today was the day! It was a lovely evening for a walk with my friend Lynsey J. My planned route didn’t get any closer than I had been before, but I couldn’t see any footpaths or roads which went near the viaduct so this was the best I could come up with. Once there I was a little jealous when we could see people in the distance walking along beside it! I still do not know how to get there so if you do please share 🙂

Cows seemed to be an issue on this walk for some reason. They don’t normally bother me but tonight the slightest glance in their direction seemed to result in one or more of the group running across the field towards us…. ever so slightly unnerving! I am pretty sure cows can’t jump hedges/fences so I was confident we were safe enough but nonetheless we picked up the pace going past them just in case they were keen to prove us wrong!

Imagine our horror and surprise therefore when a young highland cow came through a gap in the hedge to greet us! We freaked out! Had it not been for the people who appeared just at that point and shouted over to us that she was very friendly, I think we would actually have run for our lives!! They explained that she had been hand reared and we could even clap her if we wanted. Phew….. and yay 🙂 Cue an impromptu photo opportunity with a highland coo! Always expect the unexpected when you go on a walk with Gillian 🙂

Lots of bluebells to be seen on the walk this time of year, and I also came across this bird’s nest lying on the grassy path – amazing the work that must go into making one!

2 thoughts on “Walk 53 – Laigh Milton Viaduct, Kilmarnock – 4 miles

  1. We visited here today!
    The wee carpark is all closed off! But there is a small mud trail to the left if you are facing the Viaduct. I noticed the metal stile. Its only a short walk (10mins) along the river (river on your right) to the bridge. You can walk over it from this path. We didn’t go beyond but I believe you can.

    We followed your trail for a bit after to make our walk longer 😊 I think we got to the gate you are meant to climb but the path kind of disappeared so we just turned back. I wasnt sure we were on the eight track. Is the tack on the left after Pollock Morris drive houses?


    1. Hi Katherine, oh no I didn’t know about the car park being closed. I wonder if it was closed off during lockdown and hasn’t reopened yet??

      Thanks for the info about getting along to the bridge. Do you know, I hadn’t been back since to try again! This has given me a much-needed nudge to do so.

      With regards to your question about the gate – my route doesn’t go into Pollock Mains Drive. Just before that there will have been a fork in the road – taking the left would take you along to those houses, but going right along the burn would have taken you to Newhouse Farm and then the grassy track with gate. I have updated the route description above in case it wasn’t very clear.

      Happy exploring!


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