Walk 74 – Kilmarnock West Loop- 6 miles

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This straightforward walk takes in the Annanhill, Grange, Moorfield and Dunsmuir Park areas of Kilmarnock. A mixture of pavements and quiet country roads.

  On-street parking available on Munro Avenue, Kilmarnock (KA1 2NT). If arriving via public transport I suggest starting the walk on Irvine Road (step 3 in the route description) at Annanhill Park where there are bus stops. Alternatively, Kilmarnock train and bus stations are 0.7 miles away from start point.

Kilmarnock West

WALK REPORT: 29th June 2016

Annanhill – best known to me for it’s play park! However there are footpaths leading off places I knew not where, and recently I have become more and more keen to explore some of them. My friend LJ had mentioned to me in the past that she and her family had walked through Annanhill to Moorfield before and so this evening she was enlisted to show me how! It always fascinates me how someone (me) can have lived in the same town most of her life and yet there are still places which remain undiscovered. I also love to learn how places all link together: plenty of “ahhh so that’s where this path goes” moments!

Peeking in at Annanhill golf course

Similarly,  I had only ever visited the Grange estate when taking my son to Little Tiger Cubs at the Grange Academy and I had never ventured further. I really liked the peacefulness of the area and there are some really nice houses within the estate.

Moorfield is a newer housing estate and one I have driven around plenty of times admiring the homes. There are some massive ones in there! Cue a chat about how much they must cost and what our dream homes will look like 🙂 Once upon a time I would have dreamt of one of Moorfield’s double garage, 5 bedroom, stone-fronted properties. Over the past 7 months I have thought a lot about what my passions are and can say with confidence that my dream home is a beautiful country cottage with ivy growing up the exterior walls and lots of outdoor space, with a willow tree in the garden. Inside will be practical but quirky with a French country/vintage feel. Love it!

Footpath between Dundonald Road and Moorfield

While walking along the main road at Moorfield we passed this huge Giant Hogweed plant which I just couldn’t ignore. It looked so attractive but at the same time is so evil, knowing what it is capable of doing to human skin. I have since learned that you can actually report any sightings of these to the local council who should then take action to remove it. I have seen them in so many places since late spring!

Giant hogweed

The walk up Bonnyton Road towards Knockentiber was pleasantly quiet with just the odd car passing us. It is a gentle uphill stretch which affords lovely views over the area.

Crosshouse Hospital

The final section from here into Dunsmuir Park is one that was familiar to us both from previous walks: a very quiet country road with farmland all around (one part particularly pungent as you pass large stacks of manure!)


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