Walk 90 – The Falls of Clyde, New Lanark – 3.7 miles

Best experienced after a period of sustained rainfall, this section of the River Clyde is pretty spectacular. Starting in the historical village of New Lanark, the track forms the last section of the Clyde Walkway and is basically a woodland walk with viewpoints to the waterfalls along the river. There are some steep hilly sections with steps. There is a new kids play park in the village which is quite unique so well worth a visit. 3.7 miles there & back. 

Print  Dog-friendly walk (beware cliffs)

Falls of Clyde

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017   Download the route to your mobile phone HERE  (Viewranger app required)

parking-available-icon  Car parking available at New Lanark World Heritage Site  (ML11 9DB)

route-image  Route: Follow a footpath leading steeply downhill from the car park towards New Lanark World Heritage Site. Turn left at the bottom of the hill onto New Lanark Road and follow it right to a set of stairs leading to a bridge across the Mill Race. Turn left and follow the badger signs “Follow me to the Falls of Clyde”. You will soon pass through a stone archway and into the woodland from where you simply continue to follow the footpath all the way to Bonnington Linn Weir, sticking to the river side any time there is a fork in the path. The track is mainly woodland paths however there is one long section of boardwalk and lots of stairs. You will pass Bonnington Power Station and there are regular viewpoints from where you can see the impressive waterfalls of the River Clyde. From Bonnington Linn Weir retrace your steps back to the car park. If you have children with you, turn right when you return to the stone archway and this leads to the play park. 



WALK REPORT: 1st October 2016

The last time we did the walk along the Clyde at New Lanark our eldest son was just months old. Today we returned with a 5 and a 3 year old to experience it once again! There had been a lot of rain the week prior so I was really excited to see the falls. My excitement increased when we arrived and saw the first glimpse of the raging river from a vantage point above the village!  We were in for a treat!  I couldn’t wait to get further along and show the kids the huge waterfalls!

Path from the car park down into the village
New Lanark World Heritage Site
First view of the Falls of Clyde
Archway to the woods!

The power station is surprisingly pretty as power stations go and certainly sparked an interest with the kids…. cue a million questions!

Bonnington Power Station


I loved this badger painting on the wall next to the power station,  a new feature since my last visit!


The walk up to Corra Linn is fun with lots of stairs to negotiate and plenty of view points from which to see the waterfalls.  We loved the section of boardwalk right down by the river.


Corra Linn

If I am honest  though, I didn’t particularly enjoy the last section from Corra Linn to the Weir. I kept thinking that the further we walked the more spectacular the waterfalls were going to be however instead the viewpoints became a bit of a let down with not much to see and the kids were getting a little bored with the woodland walk. If I return in future I will likely stop at Corra Linn as in my opinion you have seen the best of what there is by that point. Nonetheless a really nice woodland walk and definitely a place of beauty, especially at this time of year with the Autumn colours starting to appear.

Part of the path from Corra Linn to Bonnington Linn Weir
Autumn is on it’s way!
Late afternoon sun shining through the trees
Bonnington Linn Weir
River Clyde as seen from Bonnington Linn Weir




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7 thoughts on “Walk 90 – The Falls of Clyde, New Lanark – 3.7 miles

  1. I went on the walk today after your recommendation and really enjoyed it. I didn’t go to the end as I didn’t think my three year old would last. You do need to make sure you have appropriate footwear as it was a bit muddy at parts.

    I found your map on the View Ranger app was helpful to show me where about I was.

    We thought the New Lanarkshire site was beautiful. Well worth a return visit.


    1. Thanks for getting in touch! It is quite far for a 3 year old, yes. We ended up carrying ours on our shoulders (well, hubby did!) Glad you found the Viewranger route useful. Happy walking 🙂


  2. You can make this into a fantastic circular walk by walking down the other side of the river to Kirkfieldbank and back. We walked the circular from Kirkfieldbank the other day – approx 12km.


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