Walk 98 – Lochgoin Circuit, Whitelee Windfarm – 7 miles

An easy 7 mile circuit around Whitelee Windfarm’s Lochgoin Reservoir. The route is way-marked meaning that navigation is simple and underfoot is a mixture of loose stones and grass. Look out for Dunwan Dam and take a detour to Blackwood Hill Viewpoint, from which on a clear day you will be able to see as far as the Isle of Arran and Ben Lomond. 

buggy-friendly-image  Buggy friendly walk (bumpy terrain – make sure your buggy is suitable)

Print  Dog-friendly walk

Whitelee Lochgoin Circuit

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile phone HERE  (Viewranger app required)

parking-available-icon  Car park at Whitelee Visitor Centre (G76 0QQ)

route-image  Route: From the car park follow the road back down to the information board.  Go through the barrier and downhill to Turbine #40 . Turn left here and when you reach a sign for the mountain bike trails on your right, turn up past this to walk along a narrow footpath which joins onto one of the main tracks at a large boulder. Turn left and then follow the waymarkers which direct you downhill to the right across a cattle grid (there is a gate to the side if you prefer). Lochgoin is now visible on your right. Follow the perimeter of the loch around, passing turbines 55, 43, 56 and 71.  Just before turbine 43 you have the option of a short detour to Blackwood Hill Viewpoint. Passing turbine 71, you will see Dunwan Dam directly in front of you. Follow the track to the right and downhill to pass turbines 87 and 88. When you reach a crossroads turn right to continue along Lochgoin Reservoir. Just past turbine 27 look out for a way marker pointing right towards Lochgoin Dam. Follow this footpath along the edge of the water and past a little fishing hut. Turn right onto the Spine Road in front of Lochgoin Farm and then take your first right to pass turbines 11, 26 and 42. At turbine 42 turn left to retrace your steps back to the visitor centre car park.

NOTE: you can download the official walk map from East Renfewshire Council’s website. However, you will notice that the published Lochgoin Circuit is 8 miles long (1 mile less than my route) and misses out the Lochgoin Dam section.  The reason for this discrepancy is that at the time of my visit there was a track closure which obligated us to cut across the dam (actually one of the highlights of the walk in my opinion!)


WALK REPORT: 27th November 2016

My friend Nicola and I have been keen to try out this circuit since we started coming walking at the windfarm with our babies 5 years ago! Every Tuesday morning we would venture out with the Whitelee Stroller Striders on a 3 mile loop and the Lochgoin Circuit is actually an extension to that.

Leaving the kids in daddy daycare for the morning 😉 we set off around 10:30am with the intention of completing the walk in perfect time to enjoy a bowl of homemade soup at the Visitor Centre afterwards. Imagine our disappointment when there was no soup on the menu today! At least part one went to plan: the chance of a long overdue catch up as we walked!

This view will be familiar to anyone who has ever walked or cycled beginning at Whitelee Visitor Centre. It is the track down from the information board towards turbine #40: the gateway to the windfarm!
The first glimpse of Lochgoin Reservoir which we would walk all the way around today
Looking across to Dunwan Dam
Walking across Lochgoin Dam. This was part of a de-tour due to a track closure however for me it offered a welcome change of scenery and was one of the highlights of the walk.
Fishing hut on the banks of Lochgoin
On the way back we made a short detour to see these little picnic huts which are located at the beginning of the mountain bike trails.


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  1. I see this walk goes close to the Lochgoin Farm where there is a small museum to the Covenanters. Also a monument to John Howie the author of the Scots Worthies. Worth a small detour.


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