Walk 139 – Peppermill Dam Walk, Devilla Forest – 5.6 miles

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Peppermill Dam, the largest of the four lochs within Devilla Forest

A multi-terrain circuit taking in two of the four lochs within Devilla Forest, Fife. Situated between Kincardine and Dunfermline, Devilla covers over 1700 acres of land and is one of the largest pine forests in the Scottish lowlands. On this walk you can expect wide gravel tracks and grassy footpaths throughout. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, in particular around the Moor Loch and Peppermill Dam areas! 

buggy-friendly-image  Buggy-friendly walk (expect uneven ground)

Print  Dog-friendly walk

  Car park at the entrance to Devilla Forest (FK10 4AS). No public transport to start point.

route-image  Route: From the car park go through the wooden archway and turn right along a wide gravel track. At a fork turn left (signposted Kincardine) and enjoy easy walking along this long straight section. On reaching a crossroads continue straight ahead through two sets of green barriers. Arriving into a more open area turn left at the fork then at another green barrier take the track on the right. You are now beginning to walk around Moor Loch although it is barely visible through the trees. Keep right at any forks then after passing an opening in the trees allowing you to see the loch briefly, look out for a trail on the left at a wooden way marker. A narrow grassy path leads across an opening in the trees before changing to an earth and gravel trail along the length of Peppermill Dam. At the end of the dam follow the path as it bends right towards a wooden way marker and follow the path in the direction of ‘Car Park’. At another crossroads turn left (signposted ‘Cycleway Coastal’), keep right at a fork ahead and on reaching a final crossroads turn right (signposted ‘Car Park’ – which is now only a short walk away)

Peppermill Dam

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WALK REPORT: 28th May 2017

This was my second visit to Devilla, my first being several months ago when my friend and I took a short walk around the Red Squirrel Trail. Since then I have been looking forward to returning to explore some more of the forest! This walk did not disappoint….. Personally I sometimes find that a 5+ mile forest walk can become boring after a while, but this loop offered lots of variation in both terrain and outlook that there was always something interesting lurking around the next corner!


I was a little disappointed not to have seen more of Moor Loch, however it made it all the more special when we did come to that little clearing in the trees: the perfect spot to perch our bums on a log and drink a Capri-Sun :-)

Moor Loch

Peppermill Dam was beautiful on this warm sunny day. The path sat high above the loch which meant we were rewarded with stunning views right across the width and length of it. I could imagine coming here on a summer day and venturing off-path to the grassy banks of the loch to sit with a book and do some wildlife spotting. Peace and tranquility at it’s best!

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