Walk 181 – Corrieshalloch Gorge, Scottish Highlands – 1.25 miles

This short walk leads to THE most spectacular narrow gorge I have ever seen! Doing the route in a clockwise direction as described below leaves the pièce de résistance for the end: a Victorian suspension bridge allowing you to cross directly above the incredible Falls of  Measach which plunge 46m into the gorge below.   It’s no wonder this area is a NTS National Nature Reserve

Corrieshalloch Gorge.png

download  Download a map of the route to your smartphone HERE 

parking available icon  Corrieshalloch Gorge car park on A832

route image  RouteFrom the car park go through the gate on the left (avoiding the temptation to head straight to the falls!). Follow the footpath as it traverses the hillside then turns back on itself to eventually reach a fork next to the suspension bridge. Turn left and cross the bridge, picking up the footpath on the other side which leads to a viewpoint. Retrace your steps back to the bridge, cross back over and keep left this time to zig zag back up to the car park. 



Well, nothing could have prepared me for the way I felt when I stood on that suspension bridge and gazed down for the first time at the incredibly deep, narrow gorge below. My eyes welled up with emotion which I couldn’t quite explain. Most definitely an awe-inspiring place!

We did the walk in reverse of what is described above, heading directly for the waterfall. Finishing the route, we all agreed that leaving this until the end is definitely the better option.  From the car park you simply have no idea what awaits. Nature truly is amazing. How many other places like this exist out there?? And imagine being one of the first people to discover them, before the days of car parks, signposts and suspension bridges!

The path was very well surfaced and navigation simple, which meant that all we needed to do was enjoy…. 🙂

Oh, and I believe this was the furthest north I’ve ever ventured within Scotland!



Corrieshalloch Gorge is 1.5km long and 60m deep, the River Droma flowing through it as though it’s no big deal. Photos just don’t do the depth of it justice! This one was taken from the suspension bridge which spans the width of the gorge, looking straight down into it. It is soooooo narrow!
Falls of Measach thundering 46m down into the gorge. Stunning! This was taken from a viewing platform build on the east side of the River Droma. If you look closely you can see the suspension bridge at the top which gives an idea of scale!
Brilliant paths and beautiful colours this time of year.


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