Walk 16 – Around Brown Hill, Whitelee Windfarm – 2 miles

A short loop starting at the Visitor Centre and taking you through a small section of the windfarm on earth & loose gravel tracks.  Get a feel for the size and power of the turbines when you pass directly under two of them! 

buggy friendly image  Buggy-friendly walk

Print  Dog-friendly walk

Whitelee 2 mile loop

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile phone HERE (Viewranger app required)

parking available icon  Parking available at Visitor Centre, Whitelee Windfarm

route image  Route: From the main car park head downhill on the main track towards the turbine. Turn left here and follow the track along past another turbine. Keep right at 3 forks to form a loop. Complete the loop by taking a narrower track on the right which leads back to familiar territory from where you can retrace your steps to the car park.


WALK REVIEW: 24th February 2016

Well I did not expect snow today!! I had checked the weather forecast before leaving home and my normally accurate BBC Weather app assured me it was to be sunny all day in Eaglesham….. not so! On approach by car snow started to fall and the access road was becoming more and more covered. I considered turning around – it was only 15 minutes drive, but if you have ever told a 2 year old you are going somewhere then changed your mind you will understand why I continued on my way!

I had everything we needed anyway – warm gloves, down coat, boots suitable for snow, rain cover for buggy, cosy toes. No reason not to go ahead as planned. Yes I am a little crazy! I had planned on doing a 4 mile loop, one  familiar to me from my days spent here every Tuesday morning at Whitelee’s weekly Strollers meetup.  But we ended up being a little time poor so I shortened it. I have to say I enjoyed every minute! There is something quite special about being the first to trample on freshly fallen snow, and being pretty much alone out there in the wilderness. At the first turbine we passed a group of people which looked like some pupils out on a school trip. They were with one of the Rangers probably discussing the workings of the turbine. Perhaps I wasn’t the craziest person out here today: at least I was on the move and therefore keeping warm!

Quote of the day from Thomas, “Mummy why are we at this place where there are no people?”…. Ah, how to explain that sometimes it’s nice to just be, to quietly absorb the beauty of a snow-covered empty place, and to walk for the sake of walking? I feel confident he will understand one day!


I love Whitelee – such a short drive from home but once there I feel like I am a million miles away. It is popular with dog walkers, runners and cyclists – there is a dedicated mountain bike trail. It is easy to underestimate the size of the place: you really need to see it from a distance to appreciate how vast it is. Over 130km of tracks! I intend on doing more routes there so look out for future posts.



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