Walk 17 – Barassie – 1.5 miles

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A nice short walk with a play park and sandy beach to keep the little ones amused. 

buggy friendly image  Buggy friendly if you walk along the path instead of the beach

Print  Dog-friendly walk (from Barassie you can walk a Irvine on sandy beaches)

  Parking at various points along the sea front

route image  Route: Walk along the beach towards Barassie then where Kilmarnock Road/B746 bends to the right come off the beach and walk along Queen’s Drive to a play park at the far end. When finished here head into the housing estate on Johnston Drive then turn left onto Walker Avenue. Continue along until you reach Muir Drive on your right. At the end of Muir Drive turn left onto Barassiebank Lane all the way to the Primary School. Here turn right and this will take you down to North Shore Road which you can cross to return to the beach. 


WALK REPORT: 7th March 2016

You know those mornings when you check the weather forecast and you see nothing but glorious, yellow sunshine images for the entire day? They don’t come around too often in Scotland do they! When they do, they are so much appreciated and definitely not to be spent indoors! Even with single figure temperatures…..

Off to Barassie this morning with my little shadow :-) We parked up just off Barassie beach and set off for the sand. I had forgotten about all the seashells and algae which wash up on Barassie beach – just beautiful. You don’t see them the same in other places we tend to go such as Prestwick, Ayr & Irvine.  And the view to Arran was simply stunning today – so clear with it’s snow-topped peaks.

We walked along the beach a little then on spotting a play park just off the main road beside a housing estate we headed there. I tend to favour circular walks when possible rather than returning via the same route, so on checking my mapping app I saw that we could return via the housing estate. We set off to do that, walking alongside the train line which kept Thomas amused as trains regularly passed.

However on reaching the end of that street there was no right turn back down to the seafront – it was a dead end! So we basically had to retrace our steps all the way to the play park. I would say we added an extra half mile onto the walk! At this point I really wished I had taken the buggy with me ha! We passed some lovely houses on that street though and I remember thinking what a peaceful place it must be to live.

Re-routing, we came out beside Barassie Primary School and the local chippy, right in front of the car park.

If you don’t have kids or don’t fancy the play park de-tour then continue along the beach as far as you wish, it makes for such a nice walk on a sunny day. If you were to keep going for several miles you would end up on the beach in Irvine.

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