Walk 45 – Galston to Newmilns River Walk- 3 miles

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A scenic linear woodland walk alongside the River Irvine on a newly surfaced track between Galston and Newmilns. The council have done a great job in laying the new footpath, which actually forms part of the Local Cycle Network. This is a "there and back" walk with a distance of 1.5 miles each way.

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  Parking available at Tesco Galston or on-street on Barmill Road. Local bus service stops on Polwarth Street outside the Tesco store.

Galston to Newmilns river walk

WALK REPORT: 27th April 2016

My friend Carolyn S invited me to try out this route with her and her little one. I am always on the lookout for good buggy walks so was more than willing! We couldn’t have chosen a better morning in terms of the weather: the sun shone the whole time, even the parasol made an appearance 🙂 And the true test of a good buggy walk: did baby fall asleep? Yes he did!

Not mine, he talked all the way, but as he is fast approaching 3 years old his buggy days are probably coming to an end very soon, sob sob…..  He was much better behaved than on the windfarm walk Carolyn and I did together a few weeks ago, but he did still get bored very quickly and kept asking when we were going back to the car. Some snacks kept him occupied for a while but I have to admit to myself that he just doesn’t enjoy being in the buggy nowadays, he needs more stimulation than that. I reckon I’ll need to pack the buggy away soon and let him toddle along with me, sticking to short child friendly routes when he is with me.

What I have come to realise and love about the Irvine Valley is their paths network – you can literally walk all the way from Hurlford to Loudoun Hill and not need to go near a main road at any point. This new route is a very welcome addition to an already fantastic network of paths in the area!

The running track in Galston where this walk begins
The locals….
Love these wee chairs! I also came across them on the old railway walk between Darvel and Loudoun Hill. I wonder if there are any more around!
This lies just off the footpath and appears to be some old railway tracks and what looks like a short tunnel, although I am not sure a train would have fit through? Under the tracks now there is a burn so it was perhaps a bridge at one time. If you know then please get in touch and reveal all 🙂

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