Walk 55 – Remembrance Woodland, Rozelle Estate Alloway – 2 miles

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A quiet woodland walk around the duck pond and outer edge of Rozelle Estate. You will also visit Rozelle’s Remembrance Woodland: a set of tree sculptures cleverly shaped to form a variety of different battlefield scenes, part of the WW1 centenary commemorations.

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  Parking available within Rozelle Country Park. Go in via the main entrance off Monument Rd, Alloway then take the first right into the small parking area. Local bus services stop on Monument Road at park entrance.

route image  Route: Exit the car park out onto the main road through the estate, turning right then crossing over to reach the duck pond. Turn right to go around the edge of the pond and take the second footpath off to the right once you have gone around the top end of the pond. Turn left at the fork and follow this woodland footpath around the circumference of Rozelle Estate, ignoring any smaller paths off to the right or left. At a road turn left and cross over, re-entering the woodland at the other side. Continue to follow this track around the edge of the estate until you have almost gone full-circle. You will come to the Remembrance Woodland on your right – wander around it then return to the edge of the pond, continuing around it to once again join up with the path onto the main road trough the estate. Turn right here and retrace your steps to the car park. 

Rozelle Remembrance Woodland

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WALK REPORT: 16th May 2016

Rozelle is just absolutely stunning at this time of year: The flowers have all started to bloom and the whole park is awash with colour. I have been here many times in the past but always seem to stick to the same loop around Rozelle House and around the duck pond, but there were so many other little footpaths I wanted to explore! Today I took the opportunity with Thomas in his buggy to do this loop around the outer edge of the estate and I was pleasantly surprised to come across this beautiful woodland. You are very much hidden away amongst the trees so only get the odd peek at Rozelle House and it’s large garden areas, but that didn’t bother me as I had seen all that before.


This was however my first visit to the Remembrance Woodland and I was so impressed by it! I had walked past the wooden poppy carvings next to the duck pond a few times but didn’t know what they were for; I thought they were marking the start of a walking track or something. Not altogether wrong I guess! You really must pay it a visit if you haven’t already. The carvings are so detailed, I can’t even imagine the time and effort that’s gone into creating this battlefield scene. Truly amazing.


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