Walk 71 – Caprington Woods, Kilmarnock from Campbell Place – 2.5 miles

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A pleasant loop on pavements and earth footpaths taking you from the Bellfield area of Kilmarnock, along the River Irvine and into Caprington Estate’s woodland. A popular route with local dog walkers. 

Print  Dog-friendly walk (can be very muddy in places!)

  On-street parking available on Campbell Place, just off Ayr Road (KA1 4DY). Closest train station is Kilmarnock, 1.6 miles away. Local bus services stop on the Ayr Road at Campbell Place or on Hurlford Road at Riccarton play park.

route image  Route: The walk starts in front of The Coffee Bar on Campbell Place (recommended for coffee & cake before/after your walk). Take care crossing Ayr Road and use the small lane to the right of the car showroom to access the housing estate. Turn right onto Picken Street then left onto Fleming Street. At the end of Fleming Street the pavement ends and a smaller footpath leads into the trees directly in front of you.  Continue straight then the path bends left to follow the River Irvine before joining up with a wider track just next to a bridge. Turn left here to enter Caprington Estate and follow the track past a field, taking the first left into the woods. Keep right at a fork almost immediately and continue through the woods until the footpath ends at a gate leading to the car park for Caprington Golf Club. Adjacent to the clubhouse take the lane on your left into Caprington housing estate. Follow the road onto Inchgotrick Road and when it ends turn left onto Stafflar Drive. This leads you onto Cunninghame Drive and turning right you will emerge onto the busy Ayr Road. Turn left here to return to Campbell Place

Caprington from Campbell Place

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WALK REPORT: 21st June 2016

My friend knows this walk well as it is pretty much her backyard and a favourite stomping ground with the kids and for walks with her dog Cooper, who also joined us today!  I actually live very close to Caprington woods but had only ever visited it on outdoor learning excursions with my son’s nursery, plus one attempt at a walk here with my mum and another friend during which we seemed to somehow get lost when the road we were walking on abruptly ended at a house! So I felt it would be much better to have someone in the know show me around… One thing I do know from my past visits is that the track can be very muddy so be prepared for that!

Cooper has to be the most placid and friendly dog I have ever met: He was so well behaved! There was only one thing on his mind and that was whether or not he was going to get away with a splash in the river! I was amazed that all it took was for my friend to say no to him and he obediently walked on.  He did seem to like getting in my photos too, although I didn’t take many due to too much chatting :-) The majority of the below photos have been taken on my *many* walks along this route since.

Cooper having a rare old time in his favourite woods
Did I say that the path gets very muddy in winter?? This photo was taken after a particularly high rainfall as you can see from the swelling in the River Irvine.
From the bridge, a left turn takes you along this surfaced road next to a field. In early spring the rhododendrons come into bloom giving a splash of colour. This photo was taken late autumn.
A summer photo of the woodland trail which leads to the Golf Club.

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