Walk 91 – River Irvine Walk, Crookedholm – 2 miles

A pleasant circular walk beginning in the woodland area along the River Irvine between Crookedholm and Milton Road, Kilmarnock. The route then continues along quiet country roads, passing the former Crookedholm Primary School building, with the final section taking you through the village of Crookedholm itself to return to the starting point.  

buggy-friendly-image  Buggy-friendly (There are some short steep hilly sections and quiet minor roads)

Print  Dog friendly (To avoid the road section, follow the river as far as the the wooden footbridge onto Milton Road – photo below – then retrace your steps)

River Irvine, Crookedholm

viewranger-logo-new-jan-2017  Download the route to your mobile phone HERE  (Viewranger app required)

parking-available-icon  Parking available at Hurlford Bowling Club, Crookedholm (KA3 6JT)

route-image  Route: Turn left from the car park onto Main Street. Just before the bridge turn left onto a track which is signposted for various local walks. You will have a large metal flood barrier on one side and the River Irvine on the other. The landscape then opens up with views across farmland before you head into woodland. Continue along this track – which has some short but steep uphill and downhill sections – until you reach a footbridge and emerge onto Milton Road. Turn left here. Along this road you will reach the former Crookedholm Primary School building where you turn left onto Grougar Road. At the end of the road you emerge onto Main Street. Turn left and walk through the village to return to the car park at Hurlford Bowling Club. 



WALK REPORT: 9th October 2016

Dad & I were looking for a short local walk to do today, a change from the ‘usual routes’ that he tends to find himself on. I knew of this one from a friend’s recommendation and I had walked it in early Spring as part of a longer 7 mile route.  I remembered it as being peaceful, pretty and easy going – perfect for this sunny Autumn afternoon!

We were a little disheartened to find so much dog poo lying around the sides of the river path. Why do people not look after their local area?! Why is it ok to leave it lying around here but not on the pavements of the main street?! Apart from that it was a really pleasant walk and we could really see the changing seasons with Summer on it’s way out and the Autumn colours starting to take over.



Looking back across the bridge onto Milton Road

From the bridge above you could extend the walk by turning right and going all the way to Galston, or turning left and walking straight along until you reach Wellpark / New Farm Loch area of Kilmarnock. On this occasion we turned left but on reaching the former school building we turned down Grougar Road into Crookedholm. It is a shame to see this building lying in a state of disrepair, I am sure it would make a lovely home for someone.

Milton Road
Former school building

Grougar Road takes you back into Crookedholm, through a housing estate and onto the Main Street. It is amazing how noisy the main street is after the tranquility of Grougar Road! There is actually an earth track which heads to the left behind some houses just before you emerge onto Main Street and I am going to give that a try next time as a possible quieter alternative. There are a few nice big houses to nosey at along Main Street mind you 😉

Stone pillars at the entrance gate to King George’s Playing Field, Crookedholm.


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