Walk 104 – Shore Road, Torryburn

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The Shore Road between Torryburn and Crombie Point is a tarmac footpath which widens to become a narrow road with some impressive sized homes to the left. It runs along the Firth of Forth and on a clear day you will be able to make out the illustrious skyline of the Grangemouth Refinery. There are two route options described below and in both you leave the Shore Road at Crombie Point onto peaceful country roads, with the extended option continuing on a cycle track and roadside pavements to return to the start point. 

  Car park just off B9037/Main Street, Torryburn at the play park (KY12 8LT). Local bus services also stop here.

Option One – 2.8 miles

buggy-friendly-image  Buggy friendly walk (prepare for some uphill pushing)

Print  Dog-friendly walk

Shore Road, Torryburn to Crombie Point

Option Two – 4 miles

Print  Dog-friendly walk

Shore Road, Torryburn - 4 miles


Living close by, the Shore Road walk is one of my friend’s ‘go-to’ walks and since I started to venture East more regularly we have tried a couple of different routes around the area. Parking gives easy access to this path along the coast so it is popular with local dog owners, and for the nosey people amongst us there are plenty of huge mansions along it to peer in at! In fact part of the Shore Road is actually used by traffic coming and going from said mansions. They must be few and far between though as on both my visits it has felt more like a quiet cycle track than a road. What a view they have!

One of the large houses along the Shore Road, this one named “The Witches Tower”, a category ‘B’ listed building. Now a private dwelling, it includes the remains of a 17th century Laird’s house.
Stunning view across the bay to snow-capped hills

After leaving the Shore Road behind, the leg muscles got a shock and the heartbeat increased as we started to walk uphill but the view definitely made it worthwhile! I loved the tranquility of the tree-lined back roads we were walking along.


The first time we did the longer route (option 2) we found ourselves on the pavement alongside the rather noisy A985 for a short distance however using the mapping app on my mobile phone we managed to cut out a busy corner by moving on to a cycle track (which seemed to be relatively new). I was very smug knowing I had shown the ‘local’ a new path 😉

As we walked past the cemetery on the B9037, we were aware of a lovely-looking woodland next to us, at the other side of the wall, with the Torry Burn running through it. There seemed at some points to be a faint footpath down by the burn but we hadn’t noticed a way in to it at either end. If we could find the entrance points we could then potentially move the route off the pavement and into the woods which would be much nicer. I also wanted to check out another option which is to come off the B9037 a little earlier and cross into an area shown on my map as ‘Tuilyies Park’ and round behind Torrie House. Could be interesting!

I have also read that the park is home to 4 Bronze Age standing stones, one of them with ancient cup marks on it….. It would approximately a mile onto the route but I don’t mind that if it adds to the enjoyment of it!

So many months later off we went exploring again. We found where the woodland path starts and ends and that made the walk MUCH more pleasant so we will definitely be doing it that way in future, cutting out the busy B9037. We both agreed that Bodhi the golden retriever would much prefer it too! The path winds it’s way through the trees alongside the Torry Burn and we were really surprised to find two giant redwoods in there!

Our attempt at checking out the Tuilyies Park de-tour was not quite so successful and after initially looking promising we were scared off by a herd of cows dashing towards us from the opposite end of the field! It started off as just two, then more followed, then more joined in the chase until there were about 20 of them! We have no idea whether they were just curious about us or trying to warn us off but we certainly didn’t hang around to find out and have never been so grateful for the existence of a fence! Once we were far enough out of harm’s way we stopped to take a few photos. We had been halfway along the fence on the left of the shot when the first two cows had run over to us and then they all followed us as we did a speed walk back in the direction we had come from! So…. don’t go that way 😉

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