Walk 110 – Townhill Loch & Dismantled Railway Loop, Dunfermline – 2.8 miles

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Beginning by a stroll around scenic Townhill Loch, this route then takes you along the dismantled Townhill Tramway towards Queen Margaret Hospital, before returning to the Loch via the Bellyoeman and Kingseathill residential areas. Terrain includes tarmac surfaces and earth footpaths with steps in some parts.  There is an option to shorten the route to approx 1 mile by simply doing a complete loop of Townhill Loch. 

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  Car park at Townhill Waterski Centre (KY12 0HT). Closest bus stop on Townhill Road, a few minutes walk from the start point.

route image  Route:  From the car park follow the Loch Path with the loch on your right hand side. After crossing a bridge keep right to continue around the edge of the loch.  At one point the path comes away from the water’s edge and bends to the right before joining up with a minor road. Continue on the road, looking out for a footpath leading off to the left onto a dismantled railway line. The track leads you under Townhill Road and then under Kingseat Road. Shortly after passing underneath the second road, look for a track on the right which you should take. Continue straight on and you will emerge onto Alderston Drive. Pick up the track at the other side of the road. This one leads you onto Robertson Road where you turn right. Continue along Robertson Road until you reach Bellyeoman Primary School. Just after the school turn right onto Adamson Crescent. After the first block of houses you will see a lane on the right. This leads you onto the corner of Paton Street / Craigmyle Street. Walk along Paton Street and at the end of the road turn left onto Kingseat Road.  Continue straight onto Chamberfield Road and just after Kent Street take the earth footpath to the right. This takes you back to the edge of Townhill Loch where you turn right to return to the car park. 

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WALK REVIEW: 27th January 2017

When I am looking at a map trying to calculate a new walking route, my eyes are naturally drawn to the green areas: I prefer countryside rambles over urban hikes. I also have a preference for loops rather than ‘there & back’ walks and it can sometimes be tricky tying the two together…. Combine this with the need to avoid roads without a pavement (due to having a friend’s dog with us) and you have an idea of the challenge I had given myself for today! Townhill Loch is located to the North of Dunfermline right beside a host of residential areas and some busy roads. Nonetheless, I think I did not too badly in finding a safe loop we could do, taking in the best of the area’s picturesque spots.

The loch was busy with fellow dog walkers, all of whom were very friendly and stopped for a chat. The water was perfectly calm, creating a beautiful reflection of the late afternoon winter sunset.

Looking back along the loch path

The section along the dismantled railway made for very pleasant walking. I always find it fascinating to be standing on a footpath which trains once hurtled along.  Many dismantled railways have been ruined (in my opinion) by the council pouring tarmac over them to turn them into cycle tracks. It makes them so boring to walk along! This one however was charming and a real pleasure to be on.

The former Townhill Tramway, now a cycle track between Whitefield Road and Townhill Loch.
Way markers along the dismantled railway keeping us right

Emerging from the dismantled railway, the next part of the walk was through residential areas. On the whole they were pretty quiet, with the exception of Robertson Road which was busy with traffic. We had managed to time being there with the schools finishing so this undoubtedly made things busier than they might otherwise have been. It wasn’t long before we were away from the hustle and bustle and back on earth tracks towards the loch. We even dared complain about the mud here :-D From this high vantage point we were rewarded with pleasant views across the farmland and nearby Canmore Golf Club.

View from the top of Chamberfield Road, Kingseathill

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